UPLIFT CPU Holders: Small Accessory, Big Difference.

UPLIFT CPU Holders: Small Accessory, Big Difference.

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 20th 2015

The UPLIFT CPU Holder is a great little accessory to consider as you build a height adjustable workstation. When we change our office or workstation from a traditional desk to sit-stand, there are factors to consider as a part of the transition. Traditional desks sometimes have more drawer space, for instance, or when we move our new adjustable desks from sitting to standing position, we have to be careful about wires, and where our equipment is. It's not always a good idea to have a printer or CPU holder on the floor, if your wires are not long enough to span the distance.

This is why ergonomic accessories can help you create a workspace that provides the same amount of space and storage as before, and you can keep your equipment safe. For this reason, we highly recommend a CPU holder as a part of an ergonomic desk set up. A CPU holder attaches to the underside of the desk via a long rectangular track that allows you to slide and move your CPU beneath your desk. Once installed, you can swivel and move your CPU for your convenience, which can also help with wire management.

Safely storing your CPU right under your desktop serves a number of great purposes. For one, you don't have to worry about your desktop real estate- you've saved a lot of workspace and it's cleaner looking. The CPU holder allows you to move, tilt, and swivel your CPU- so if you like reaching over in a particular way to turn your computer on, or if you want to manage your wires in a particular way, the CPU holder really helps with that. A CPU holder also gives you the opportunity to adjust your desk in all the ways you'd prefer - instead of limiting yourself by putting the CPU on the floor, or on a shelf next to the desk.

There are different CPU holders you can choose from, but we recommend the UPLIFT CPU holder because it is sturdy, adjustable, reasonably priced, and works with a variety of sizes. We offer it at a discount with our UPLIFT desks, so it's easy to include one with a new desk. It can hold up to 50lbs, and can be adjusted to hold different sized CPUs (anything between 3.75"-8.25" wide, and 12"-20" tall). If you're not sure if your CPU will fit, we can help! Just give us a call: 800.531.3746 or chat with us on our website. We can help you determine how to best get things set up for you so everything is perfect.

For smart desk accessories, and smart customer service, check us out at TheHumanSolution.com.

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