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Notrax 410 Airug Anti-Fatigue Mat

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Notrax 410 Air rug anti-fatigue mat Notrax ranks the Notrax 410 at the "Good" quality rank

The Notrax 410 Airug Anti-Fatigue mat is a closed cell PVC foam mat with an embossed, ribbed surface that relieves worker fatigue and provides a comfort barrier to the cold floor under foot. The ribbed design of the Notrax 410 is easy to sweep clean and provides added traction for safety.

The Notrax 410 Airug safety mat is suitable for work applications in dry areas where basic anti-fatigue relief is desired at a lower cost.

All stock sizes and custom lengths are available.

Notrax 410 Airug details and specifications.

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Custom Lengths
2 x
3 x
4 x

Notrax Razor Back Anti-fatigue mat in use

Custom Sizes
The Notrax 410 Anti-fatigue mat offers excellent anti-fatigue properties
The Notrax 410 is available in custom sizes

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Notrax 410 Airug Features

  • Ribbed top is easy to clean
  • Crafted from PVC sponge
  • 3/8" thickness
  • Use in dry areas only
  • All four sizes are beveled to minimize tripping hazard
  • Available in all black, gray and black with yellow safety borders

Alternate Part Numbers for the Notrax 410 Airug

Notrax part numbers: 410C0324BL 410C0324BY 410C0324GY 410C0336BL 410C0336BY 410C0336GY 410C0348BL 410C0348BY 410C0348GY 410R0324BL 410R0324BY 410R0324GY 410R0336BL 410R0336BY 410R0336GY 410R0348BL 410R0348BY 410R0348GY 410R0372BL 410S0323BL 410S0323BY 410S0323GY 410S0335BL 410S0335BY 410S0335GY 410S3273BL 410S3273BY 410S3273GY 410S3275BL 410S3275BY 410S3275GY 410S3312BL 410S3312BY 410S3312GY

Grainger part numbers: 3U018 5Z179 5FX44 5Z056 4DE12 4DE14