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Notrax 148 Intermission Entrance Carpet Mat

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Notrax 148 Intermission entrance carpet MatNotrax 148 Intermission Carpet mat is rated at a superior quality level

The Notrax 148 Intermission Entrance Carpet Mat is a dual scraper and dryer carpet mat that protects floors from debris and moisture carried in by foot traffic. The Notrax Intermission Carpet mat is identical to the middle section of the total solution, Notrax 137 Opera Entrance Carpet Mat and is a good alternative when inadequate floor space exists to accommodate the Opera mat. The Notrax 148 carpet mat is designed to withstand heavy use and abuse and maintain its attractive appearance.

The Notrax 148 Intermission entrance mat will work well in any upscale setting including hotels, office buildings, lobbies and entranceways; anywhere a combination scraping and cleaning mat is desired.

Notrax 148 Intermission Entrance Carpet Mat details and specifications.

Notrax has discontinued this item.
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Notrax 148 Intermission carpet mat in use

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Notrax 148 Intermission Entrance Carpet Mat Features

  • Is identical to the middle section of the three section Notrax Opera mat
  • Wide stripes scrape debris off shoes
  • Alternate stripes of absorbent Decalon dry shoes
  • Color-coordinated to match other Notrax entrance mats
  • Vinyl backing coordinates with mat color
  • 3/8" thick
  • Available in: burgundy, brown, gray, blue, charcoal black, or hunter green

Alternate Part Numbers for the Notrax Intermission 148 Carpet Mat

Notrax part numbers: 148S0023BD 148S0023BL 148S0023BR 148S0023BU 148S0023GN 148S0023GY 148S0034BD 148S0034BL 148S0034BR 148S0034BU 148S0034GN 148S0034GY 148S0035BD 148S0035BL 148S0035BR 148S0035BU 148S0035GN 148S0035GY 148S0036BD 148S0036BL 148S0036BR 148S0036BU 148S0036GN 148S0036GY 148S0046BD 148S0046BL 148S0046BR 148S0046BU 148S0046GN 148S0046GY 148S0048BD 148S0048BL 148S0048BR 148S0048BU 148S0048GN 148S0048GY