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Notrax 161 Barrier Rib Anti-Microbial Entrance Carpet Mat

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Notrax 161 Barrier Rib entrance carpet MatNotrax 161 Barrier Rib Carpet mat is rated at a best quality level

The Notrax 161 Barrier Rib Anti-Microbial Entrance Carpet Mat features the Notrax exclusive molded dual-ridge, cross rib pattern to scrape shoes clean and retain moisture and debris. The Notrax Barrier Rib Carpet Mat features carpet edges, hiding rubber borders that trap moisture within the mat, for a more attractive appearance. Anti-microbial treatment keeps mat fresher longer and stops the spread of germs and bacteria.

The Notrax 161 Entrance Mat would be an attractive option for any interior that prefers an all-carpet look over a commercial mat with a vinyl or rubber edge and where anti-bacterial properties are desired.

Notrax 161 Barrier Rib Anti-Microbial Entrance Carpet Mat details and specifications.

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Custom Lengths
3 x
4 x

Notrax 161 Barrier carpet mat in use

Custom Sizes
Notrax 161 is an anti-microbial mat and anti-bacterial mat
Notrax 161 is available in custom lengths

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Notrax 161 Barrier Rib Anti-Microbial Entrance Carpet Mat Features

  • Molded dual-ridge, cross-rib pattern helps scrape and dry shoes
  • Patented, invisible Aqua Dam border retains moisture and debris
  • Anti-microbial treatment leaves germs and bacteria at the door
  • Rubber cleats on the underside keep mat securely in place
  • Features 26 ounces of of densely looped yarn per square yard
  • 3/8" thick
  • Available in: burgundy, brown, gray, slate blue, charcoal, red/ black and hunter green

Alternate Part Numbers for the Notrax Barrier Rib Anti-Microbial Mat

Notrax part numbers: 161C0036BD 161C0036BR 161C0036BU 161C0036CH 161C0036GN 161C0036GY 161C0036RB 161C0048BD 161C0048BR 161C0048BU 161C0048CH 161C0048GN 161C0048GY 161C0048RB 161S0023BD 161S0023BR 161S0023BU 161S0023CH 161S0023GN 161S0023GY 161S0023RB 161S0034BD 161S0034BR 161S0034BU 161S0034CH 161S0034GN 161S0034GY 161S0034RB 161S0035BD 161S0035BR 161S0035BU 161S0035CH 161S0035GN 161S0035GY 161S0035RB 161S0046BD 161S0046BR 161S0046BU 161S0046CH 161S0046GN 161S0046GY 161S0046RB 161S0310BD 161S0310BR 161S0310BU 161S0310CH 161S0310GN 161S0310GY 161S0310RB 161S0410BD 161S0410BR 161S0410BU 161S0410CH 161S0410GN 161S0410GY 161S0410RB