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Notrax Anti-Fatigue Mats, Commercial Runners, Entrance & Carpet Mats

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Notrax Mats
NOTRAX Anti-Fatigue Floor Matting

Manufactured by Superior Manufacturing Group, Inc., NOTRAX anti-fatigue floor matting is well known throughout the industry for its premium quality, durability and style. Please call us for quotes on Notrax mats not listed below or for quantity mat orders. We welcome your questions and will help you select the correct mat for your needs.

The most popular Notrax mats are listed below:
Dry areas: #979 Saddle Trax, #479 Cushion Trax, #826 Diamond Stat, #419 Diamond Sof-Tred, and #410 Airug.
Wet areas: #549 Safety Stance, #550 Cushion Ease, and #562 Sanitop.

Also: #556 Cushion Ease Solid, #470 Marble Sof-Tyle, and #970 Marble Sof-Tyle

SPEC SHEETS: Please call 800-531-3746 ext.1 to purchase any Notrax anti-fatigue mat listed on this link - CLICK HERE.

Notrax T17 Super Foam Anti-Fatigue Mats
Notrax 522 Cushion-Lok w/ Grit Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 523 Modular Lok-Tyle
Notrax 545 Diamond Top Interlock Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 549 Safety Stance Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 550 Cushion-Ease Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 556 Cushion-Ease Solid Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 562 Sanitop Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 680 Safety Trax Slip Resistant Pad
Notrax 730 Corrugated Vinyl Runner
Notrax 737 Diamond Plate Runner
Notrax 755 Niru Versa Runner
Notrax 758 Niru Knob-Top Runner
Notrax 825 Cushion-Stat w/ Dyna-Shield Dissipative/Anti-Static Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 826 Diamond Stat Dissipative/Anti-Static Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 830 Switchboard Mat - Insulative/Non-Conductive Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 410 Airug Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 413 Blade Runner Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 417 Bubble Sof-Tred Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 447 Comfort-Eze Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 479 Cushion Trax Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 419 Diamond Sof-Tred Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 474 Ergo Mat Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 090 Mat Hold
Notrax 035 Skate Spike Matting
Notrax 085 086 096 Velcro Carpet Anchor, Adhesive, & Roller
Notrax 105 Chevron Entrance Carpet Mat
Notrax 109 Brush Step Entrance Carpet Mat
Notrax 117 Heritage Rib Entrance Carpet Mat
Notrax 118 Arrow Trax Entrance Carpet Mat
Notrax 130 Sabre Entrance Carpet Mat
Notrax 131 Dante Decalon Entrance Carpet Mat
NoTrax Estes 132 Entrance Carpet Mat
Notrax 136 Polynib Entrance Carpet Mat
Notrax 137 Opera Entrance Carpet Mat
Notrax 138 Uptown Entrance Carpet Mat
Notrax 139 Boulevard Entrance Carpet Mat
Notrax 141 Ovation Entrance Carpet Mat
Notrax 145 Preference Entrance Carpet Mat
Notrax 146 Encore Entrance Carpet Mat
Notrax 150 Aqua Trap Anti-Microbial Entrance Carpet Mat
Notrax 161 Barrier Rib Anti-Microbial Entrance Carpet Mat
Notrax 166 Guzzler Entrance Carpet Mat
Notrax 167 Portrait Entrance Carpet Mat
Notrax 168 Opus Entrance Carpet Mat
Notrax 170 Orientrax Entrance Carpet Mat
Notrax 231 Prelude Entrance Carpet Mat
Notrax 265 Wayfarer Outdoor Entrance Mat
Notrax 266 Wayfarer Custom Outdoor Entrance Mat
Notrax 340 & 350 Soil Guard Outdoor Entrance Mat
Notrax 345 Rubber Brush Entrance Mat
Notrax 420 & 422 Cushion-Dek Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 520 Cushion-Lok Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 520HD Cushion-Lok Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 522HD Cushion-Lok w/ Grit Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 531 Safety Grid
Notrax 543 Cushion-Tred Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 551 MD Ramps/ Beveled Edges
Notrax 580 Sorb Stance Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 585 Eco Stance Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 650 Niru Cushion-Ease Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 656 Niru Cushion-Ease Solid Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 735 Round Rib Runner
Notrax 750 Corrugated Rubber Runner
Notrax 850 Niru Cushion-Ease GSII Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 856 Niru Cushion-Ease Solid GSII Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 920 Solid Cushion-Lok Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 922 Solid Cushion-Lok w/ Grit Anti-Fatigue Mat
NoTrax 970 Marble Sof-Tyle Grande Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 974 Ergo Mat Grande Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 980 Pebble Trax Grande Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 480 Pebble Trax Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 406 Razorback Anti-Fatigue Mat
Notrax 411 Sof-Tred Anti-Fatigue Mat

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Find out why UpLift Desks are #1! Get the UpLift 900 electric sit-stand desk at a great price! Introducing the Steelcase Gesture Chair. Click to order now! Shop UPLIFT Desks now and choose a free accessory with your purchase of a full desk!

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