Desk Hunting

Desk Hunting

Posted by Human Solution on Jun 11th 2015

With all of the buzz that’s going on about height-adjustable sit-stand desks lately, a lot of people have found themselves on the hunt for one of these modern office marvels. But which species is best suited for your particular home or office environment? Here’s the breakdown.

Our first specimen is the pneumatic desk. These desks operate on a principle of counterbalancing using either springs or a gas cylinder to provide tension and hold the desk in place once it has been raised. A great example of this is the Humanscale Float Table which uses an internal spring and counterbalance mechanism that is controlled using the switch paddle on the front and good old fashioned muscle power. These desks thrive in an environment where access to electricity is limited but require more coaxing than their electric counterparts if you need to get a rise out of them.

But if you’re looking for a more elegant and graceful creature, look no further than the electric sit-stand desk, the finest species of which is the UPLIFT Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk. This beautiful beast needs electricity to run but it converts that energy into one of the simplest and most pleasant ergonomic experiences in the wilds of the ergonomic furniture market. These desks operate at the simple push of a button, giving you ease and precision. It is even possible to order the Advanced 1 Touch Digital Memory Keypad which allows the desk to remember the heights you like and adjust itself accordingly when you press the appropriately programmed preset key. The UPLIFT Desk is also very quiet. You won’t be inciting noise complaints from the neighbors with this one and with a starting price of $639.00 it won’t be eating your wallet either. So if you have a power outlet and want a desk that loves you this one is going to be the way to go.

So there you have it. While all of these desks will aid you in your quest for healthier and more ergonomic living, each one has its own place in the ergonomic furniture kingdom. No matter which option you choose, one thing will remain certain. The decision to purchase a sit-stand desk is a good one for both your health and longevity and once you’ve gotten a taste of the sit-stand life, you won’t ever want to go back!

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