Free Laptop/Tablet Holder Offer!

Free Laptop/Tablet Holder Offer!

Posted by Pete A on Sep 16th 2014

Not only will you get great customer service when buying from us, but we also offer a free Goldtouch Go! Travel Notebook and Tablet Stand when you purchase certain ergonomic chairs! This includes most of our top selling brands like Humanscale, Steelcase, and Ergohuman. Why would you want a free laptop or tablet stand? The main reason is because its a great way to make your mobile devices more ergonomic and comfortable. If you are typing at your laptop, chances are you are hunched over, looking down at your screen, and slowly damaging your body. A laptop holder will raise the laptop screen close to the preferred eye-level view, this also lets you view your tablets and smartphones hands-free. It also works wonderfully with an external keyboard, such as the Goldtouch Go! Keyboard, which can be folded in half for easy transport.

Not only can you can get a great ergonomic chair, now you can get a handy ergonomic accessory (that makes a great gift if you if you already have one) for free! A few products that feature this offer are our popular Ergohuman ME7, the Humanscale Freedom Chair, and the Steelcase Amia chair. The Goldtouch Go! Travel Notebook & Tablet Stand ships separate from the chairs, so you will most likely receive it first and be able to reap the benefits before the chair arrives!

If you have questions about this promotion or any of our other ergonomic products, visit, or you can call us at 1-800-531-3746

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