Putting Ergonomics on a Pedestal

Putting Ergonomics on a Pedestal

Posted by Human Solution on Jul 31st 2014

So let's assume for a second that you are interested in ergonomics (not an unreasonable assumption, since you're currently reading an ergonomics blog). And let's also assume you've done your research and realize the long-term health and productivity benefits of ditching your old desk and upgrading to a sit-to-stand height-adjustable workstation. But here's where our hypothetical veers off-course, into the darkest timeline, because let's also assume that you don't have the space, budget, or inclination to opt for a two-leg height-adjustable desk. Indeed, I talk to a few people every day in this very predicament. For them, even something as affordable and well-reviewed as the UPLIFT 900 is simply not a realistic option. Fortunately, we have an alternative: the pedestal desk!

Available as the standard UPLIFT 970 or the smaller, faster-shipping UPLIFT 975, the pedestal desk is an option for people who want to gain the health benefits of standing while they work, but are not able to fit a two-leg UPLIFT 900 into their existing work area. There can be plenty of awesome perks to using a pedestal desk, but there are some drawbacks too. Hopefully, this post will give you a better idea of what to expect from your shiny new pedestal desk!

By far the biggest benefit of a pedestal desk is the decreased footprint. The UPLIFT 975, for example, takes up less than 40" from left to right, making it perfect for a tight office, dorm room, or somewhere else that might be pressed for space. At $449, the 975 is considerably more affordable than other pedestal desks, let alone full two-leg models, and it will ship out the same or next business day, depending on when you get the order in.

But there are some drawbacks to any single-leg desk, drawbacks that even something as great as the UPLIFT 975 still carry. The main one is two legs are just more stable than one. Not sure what I mean? Try standing on one leg. It's the same way with your desk! A second leg provides a more even distribution of weight and a more balanced profile for your desk, giving it greater stability, especially when elevated. A single leg, even one as sturdy as the UPLIFT 970 and 975's, simply can't compete.

There are other advantages of going with an UPLIFT 900. The weight capacity is higher (350 lbs vs 165 lbs for the pedestal desk) and, because each leg has a motor in it, the travel time is much faster and smoother. Plus, while sacrificing space may seem like a good way to economize, you'll be sacrificing work space on top of the desk and legroom underneath it. Plus, while the price may seem like a huge bonus, an UPLIFT 900 base, without the top, is only $499. By finding your own top locally, you can get a sturdy, expansive two-leg solution for the same price as an UPLIFT 970!

In the end, a two-leg desk isn't for everybody, but standing while you work definitely is. In many cases, you simply don't have the room or the ability to replace your current desk. If that's the case, the UPLIFT 970 or UPLIFT 975 is a great way to create a new area in your office to enjoy the ergonomic benefits of standing while you work. Whether its with a 975 or a 900, an adjustable-height desk is the key to unlocking a healthier, more productive workday.

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