Stay Active With A Standing Desk or A Treadmill Desk, Your Brain Will Thank You!

Stay Active With A Standing Desk or A Treadmill Desk, Your Brain Will Thank You!

Posted by Human Solution on Dec 5th 2012

Sitting at a desk and working all day can take a serious toll on your back and joints. Even if you stay healthy and exercise often, it has been proven that sitting all day has a number of harmful effects on your body. Now a new study has found that that sitting is actually hindering your mind as well as your body.

Standard working memory tests were given to adults and children while sitting and while walking. Essentially, these findings concluded that our minds have improved performance while in a dual-task situation, like walking and working at the same time.

Researchers found that walking while thinking and working increases brain activity. Walking and staying active, instead of sitting all day, helps stimulate your brain more while you work. Makes sense, right?

If you have read Human Solution blog before, you know that we are big proponents of standing and staying active while you work. The physical benefits of electric standing desks and keeping active in the office have been well documented as of late, with even Dr. Oz getting into the discussion recently. With more and more studies being published linking a better overall physical and mental health performance to staying active during the workday, active workstations are really gaining steam.

Humans just weren’t meant to sit in a chair all day long. I always feel better when I‘m active whether I am at work or at home, though working for an ergonomic office furniture company certainly has its benefits! In addition to the electric height adjustable standing desks that we all use here at Human Solution, we have several treadmill desk options that we recommend as well: Check out the UPLIFT Treadmill Desk, LifeSpan Treadmill Desk, UPLIFT LifeSpan Treadmill Desk and the Steelcase Walkstation for active desk options.

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