Praise for the UPLIFT Desk Just Keeps Rolling In

Praise for the UPLIFT Desk Just Keeps Rolling In

Posted by Human Solution on Jul 16th 2014

We've known for years that our UPLIFT height-adjustable desks are the best on the market, and our thousands of satisfied customers per year know it too. One of those customers, Emily May of KK Cool Tools, published an excellent and informative review of the UPLIFT desk base. Now that we are getting some serious recognition from a variety of media outlets, it won't be long before the whole world is aware of how awesome we can make their work lives by replacing their fixed workstation with an UPLIFT Desk.

Emily purchased our UPLIFT frame and paired it with the existing desktop in her home office. If you aren't familiar with Cool Tools, it's an aptly-named site that focuses on selecting the best and least expensive of all things useful. They've been around since 2000, which is a dog's age in internet time, so they know what they're doing when they choose the best of the best.

Emily notes how quick, smooth and quiet the adjustment is, allowing her to easily switch positions at a moment's notice, whether she's on a conference call or surfing the internet. Because all of her accessories move along with the desk, it takes just a few hassle-free seconds to go from sitting to standing. This is the kind of lightning-quick flexibility you won't find with a standing only desk, a DIY standing desk, or even a pneumatic height adjustable desk, which requires lifting or pushing down the desk yourself and can make minute adjustments more cumbersome. With the electric UPLIFT base, any whim you have to change positions requires only pressing a button.

Even better, she mentions that the UPLIFT helped her through a recent episode of back pain, shortening and lessening her discomfort. This is the kind of thing we really love to hear, since our entire focus as a company is making people healthier at work. If you experience any kind of discomfort related to sitting for 8 hours a day, you can find freedom and a reduction of pain as a result of adjusting your position regularly throughout the day.

We also love Emily's idea of using a mini-trampoline to gently bounce while she's standing. We've got bikes, treadmills, balance boards and twist boards, but a trampoline is a great new idea we'd like to investigate further. This kind of light bouncing is excellent for stimulating blood and lymph flow and keeping you energetic and focused. It's customer feedback like this that keeps us developing and refining products that work for you.

In addition to the points above, Emily mentions the excellent quality of the UPLIFT, which we back with our industry-leading 7-year warranty (an optional 12-year extended warranty is also available). We readily invite you to research the competition and pair any one of them up in a no-holds-barred cage match with the UPLIFT. We're sure you won't find a desk with these features, this level of functionality, and this proven level of quality at this price point anywhere else.

And the word continues to spread. In addition to the review on KK - Cool Tools, we were chosen as the top standing desk by Lifehacker readers and noted in the L.A. Times. Now, on to world domination, muahahahaha!

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