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Adjustable Height Desks

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The #1 Standing Desk

We've been using and recommending height adjustable desks since their invention, so it was only natural that we would design our own. Our design team developed UPLIFT Desk to be unique by making it the most customizable. The ability to customize your UPLIFT Desk in a number of ways is just one of the 25 reasons why UPLIFT is the #1 standing desk.

UPLIFT Desk has also been recommended by readers of LifeHacker and featured in The LA Times. UPLIFT Desk creator and Certified Professional Ergonomist, Jon Paulsen, was also interviewed by Forbes about the benefits of height-adjustable desks.

Click on the video below to see how Austin musician and SXSW performer Zac Kellogg uses the UPLIFT Desk.

Click on the video below to see The Division, the production team responsible for Discovery Channel's series, Graveyard Carz, show off how much they love their UPLIFT Desks.

Our desks allow you to raise and lower your work surface throughout the day, enabling you to sit or stand while working. Each UPLIFT Desk is designed to have industry-best stability and low energy consumption motors that smoothly and quietly move the surface up and down in seconds. We offer a wide variety of electric adjustable height desks to fit any budget and space with an industry leading all-inclusive 7-year warranty. So check out our high end UPLIFT solid wood & bamboo desks or our value priced UPLIFT laminate desks.

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Let us help you choose the right desk with our online selector tool

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More Information on Adjustable Height Desks:

Adjustable height desks are a wise investment for any person who spends more than a couple hours at a computer every day. A typical American can spend as much as 90% of their day sitting, and research has shown numerous health benefits associated with standing more. Standing burns more calories, increases circulation, and improves productivity and alertness. And studies show that hitting the gym a few times a week doesn't offset the damage done by sitting too much.

We also offer every desk accessory you could need to allow you to work in perfect ergonomic comfort with a unique style that is all your own. Our experts have carefully selected, tested, and even designed accessories for each desk type. These accessories are available for your convenience as options as you build your UPLIFT Desk on our website. You can even add a desk treadmill to help you get even more active during your work day!

We are happy you are considering sitting less by upgrading your office to a adjustable height desk (also known as a standing desk, stand-up desk, ergonomic desk or sit-to-stand desk). Prolonged durations of sitting have been shown to reduce productivity and increase health related work absences. For more detailed information, please read our blog entries that explain how everyone from students, office workers, doctors, lawyers and other professionals can "stand to benefit" from a stand up desk.

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Video Demonstration- UPLIFT 900 Electric Sit-Stand Desk

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Video Review - UPLIFT 900 Electric Sit-Stand Desk

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