Wheelchair Users and the UPLIFT 700 Sit-Stand Desk: A Perfect Fit

Wheelchair Users and the UPLIFT 700 Sit-Stand Desk: A Perfect Fit

Posted by Will M on May 18th 2012

Here at Human Solution, we sometimes get questions concerning our height-adjustable desks from healthcare professionals and assisted living facilities regarding the best desk for wheelchair-bound users. While most users need a height-adjustable desk for its sit-stand capabilities in order to reap the ergonomic and health benefits of periodically standing when working, for some users the concern is a matter of getting the desk to a comfortable seated height. These users also require the kind of leg space underneath the desk that many sit-stand desks with a crossbar tend to impede.

Luckily, our new UPLIFT 700 Sit-Stand Desk Base answers both of these concerns. The base has a quiet and quick height adjustment range of 26” to 45.7”, making it a breeze to get the desktop to the perfect height. And its crossbar-free design frees up valuable leg space, as well as space for accessories such as a keyboard tray. A keyboard tray or monitor arm can also aid a user in a wheelchair in getting their computer even closer to them, cutting down on reach and eye strain which can cause more health issues.

The UPLIFT 800 is a similar model that does have a crossbar, but is still hidden enough as to not obstruct leg space. And its height range is even more substantial, going from 21” to 47” in mere seconds. Both the 700 and 800 models can come with either a butcher block top, or one of our beautiful locally-made solid wood tops.

Not only can healthcare and assisted living professionals recommend this to those using a wheelchair, but of course to anyone who would like to improve their health and activity with a sit-stand desk. So whether you need to easily adjust the seated height, or fight off an early death by periodically standing, check out our UPLIFT desks. As always, you can email info@humansolution.com, hop into live chat, or call us at 800-531-3746 with any questions or to place an order.

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