Your Guide to Laptop Ergonomics

Your Guide to Laptop Ergonomics

Posted by Human Solution on Sep 19th 2014

An important element of ergonomics is proper use and positioning of your computer. That's why we spend so much time extolling the virtues of monitor arms, keyboard trays, and CPU holders. But these products, though wonderful, ignore a large population, one that I count myself a member of. I'm referring to those of us who eschew the desktop computer and only own a laptop. While laptop users might not have monitors or computer towers for mounting, it is still important that we follow good ergonomic principles. So here are some tips on how to use your laptop in a way that is healthy and ergonomically sound.

1. Positioning is key

Too many people use their laptops flat on their desk, leading to pain in the arms, wrists, back, and neck. It can also cause eye strain if the screen isn't properly positioned. Fortunately, you can avoid all this with a laptop arm for your desk. A laptop arm will reduce long-term neck and shoulder pain that comes from hunching over your laptop. It'll also protect your eyes by keeping the screen in a healthy viewing position. For maximum adjustability, we suggest the UpLift Monitor Arm with Laptop Holder. This awesome add-on converts the UpLift Monitor Arm into the perfect ergonomic accessory for your laptop, adding a large, secure surface on which you can place your laptop. Once on the arm, you can move the laptop up and down and side to side, just like a monitor on a monitor arm!

2. BYOKaM (Bring Your Own Keyboard and Mouse)

Just like standard mice and keyboards, the ones built into your laptop are not good for you! The strain and tension in your wrists and arms from the unhealthy positioning required to use a standard keyboard and mouse can build up over time and cause repetitive stress injuries. That's why we suggest ditching the keyboard and trackpad built into your laptop and picking up ergonomic ones. The Evoluent Bluetooth Wireless Mouse and the Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard are both lightweight, portable, and easy to connect to your laptop without monopolizing USB ports!

3. Stay ergonomic on the go

Of course, one of the advantages of owning a laptop is that you can take your computer with you no matter where you go. But, just because you're on the move doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your health! Thanks to laptop stands, you can make sure your computer stays in a healthy, ergonomic angle that reduces strain on your neck, shoulders, and eyes. Smaller notebooks or laptops can use a stand like the Goldtouch Go! Travel Notebook and Tablet Stand, while those with larger computers might want to look at the Humanscale L6 Laptop Holder.

Of course, while these tips apply specifically to laptop users, there's still plenty of general ergonomic principles that apply to everyone. For instance, sitting all day is just not healthy, whether you're using a laptop or a desktop computer. That's why we recommend the UpLift 900 adjustable height desk for everyone. Add an ergonomic chair, and you'll be getting the most out of your laptop, in terms of both productivity and health, in no time!

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