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Contour Rollermouse Review (Mousetrapper Review)

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Contour Rollermouse Review (Mousetrapper Review)
The Contour RollerMouse and Mousetrapper Advance Mouse are great ergonomic mice designed to provide a unique solution for those seeking an alternative to traditional mousing. Benefits of using these mice can include the relief or prevention of pain, increased productivity, and reduced fatigue. These mice sit directly front of your keyboard and allow you to manipulate your cursor without lifting your hands or reaching to the side of your keyboard. Users often find that this positions your hands in a more natural and comfortable position. Let's explore the RollerMouse and the Mousetrapper further in this post.

Both mice feature similar designs. One of the greatest benefits of these ergonomic mice is that they eliminate the need to reach for your mouse, which can stress your neck, shoulders and elbows. They also eliminate the gripping and wrist twisting caused by some computer mice. While the Rollermouse and Mousetrapper share many benefits and features, there are some key differences that make the Mousetrapper the best solution for manipulating your cursor without lifting your hands.

Check our our video review of the MouseTrapper Advance Mouse:

The Rollermouse features a roller-bar that allows you to manipulate your cursor with one or more fingers. One of the setbacks of this design is that it limits horizontal cursor movement across your monitor screen (or screens). Moving your cursor horizontally from one side of the screen to the other can result in the rollerbar hitting its limit by hard stopping against the mechanism that holds the rollerbar. The Mousetrapper also hard stops on the side but we found that the easily adjustable resolution (adjustable from 400 to 1,500 dpi) worked better than the Rollermouse in our tests.

The Mousetrapper touch surface is like a treadmill that rolls effortlessly and evenly both side-to-side and back-and-forth. The pad has much more traction and tactile feedback than a plain touch-pad.

Similar to the Rollermouse bar, the Mousetrapper pad moves with your finger (unlike a touchpad where you slide your finger across surface). The soft, intuitive, grid-like Mousetrapper cursor pad moves easily along with your finger without applying pressure. This helps reduce stress on the finger, hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder.

The Rollermouse and Moustrapper both feature wrist supports, but the Rollermouse wrist supports, while durable, are harder to the touch and can become uncomfortable after a few hours of work. The polyurethane wrist supports on the Mousetrapper are both durable and soft to the touch. This makes the Mousetrapper a more comfortable solution especially for intensive computer users who work at their desk for over five hours per day.

The Mousetrapper's comfortable and unique cursor pad is click-sensitive with full mouse click functionality. Pushing down slightly performs the function of a left mouse click. The Rollermouse rollerbar is also click sensitive. However, the clicking function on the Rollermouse stopped working at random times during our test, so we mostly had to rely on the buttons for clicking. Our IT department was unable to resolve the issue on our test Rollermouse Free2.

The Mousetrapper's cursor pad also features a simple and effective scroll feature that allows you to easily scroll down any page with one quick swipe of the pad. It is equally accommodating to right and left handed users. The Mousetrapper has eight programmable buttons, allowing you to use it in the way that feels more intuitive and comfortable, so it's easy to personalize. The buttons default to copy and paste, auto scroll, right click, double-click, click lock (for selecting text), and browser back and forward. And the Mousetrapper's onboard memory ensures that your personal settings are always saved, even when you connect it to a different computer. The buttons on the Rollermouse are marketed as programmable, however we had a hard time programming the buttons, even after downloading additional Rollermouse drivers. The Mousetrapper makes personalizing the buttons easy with a more intuitive onscreen option system.

As you can see, we prefer the Mousetrapper over the Rollermouse for a variety of reasons. Both take an hour or two hours to get used to using. Both offer the ability to manipulate your cursor without reaching to the side or lifting your hands, but the Mousetrapper is a more comfortable and intuitive ergonomic solution in our opinion.

There is one more significant benefit of the Mousetrapper; all of the same great ergonomic features are available in a wireless model called the Mousetrapper Flexible. There is currently no Rollermouse that features wireless connectivity. Users who find themselves on the go, or who work primarily from a notebook or laptop, can take advantage of the Mousetrapper's wireless ergonomic benefits with the Mousetrapper Flexible. Our tests showed that eliminating the cord allowed for a much cleaner work surface while traveling with a laptop. Cords really can get in the way.

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