Got a Creative Streak? Check Out Our Beautiful Artisan Desks

Got a Creative Streak? Check Out Our Beautiful Artisan Desks

Posted by Human Solution on Jun 10th 2015

There are many ways to integrate an adjustable sit/stand desk into your home or office. If you haven't seen our website, it might be worth checking out those different options- adjustable bases on their own, adjustable desks with solid wood tops, basic desks with laminate tops, and more. All of these variations are different configurations of a sit/stand desk, and they are all recommended if you are looking to improve your health and focus as you work. They all give you the ability to raise and lower your work surface so you can sit, stand, and adjust the level of your station so it perfectly fits your preferences.

And now, we have added an additional desk option that is one-of-a-kind and really beautiful. Locally produced and custom made in Austin, we are offering a desk that is for a special customer who wants to marry comfortable ergonomics with high-end aesthetics. The desk is only available in one size, because it boasts a one-of a kind desktop that will not reproduced. It is the UPLIFT Spalted Ash Modern Artisan Desk!

The UPLIFT Spalted Ash desk offers a rounded bark line edge, waterproof sealant, and a rugged thickness (2.75") that gives your desk an executive appeal. The top comes with an UPLIFT 900 C-Frame Base, and has a height range of 26"-52". The desktop is 60" wide by 30" deep.

If you have questions about our amazing artisan desks, don't hesitate to call us: 800.531.3746. This desk will elevate the look of your office to a new level, while also allowing you to elevate your body to a standing position!

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