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Our Newest UPLIFT Desk "Steels" the Show!

Author: Human Solution | Posted:

Here at Human Solution, we're always expanding our height-adjustable desk selection in response to customer feedback. We've had so many inquiries on stainless steel desks over the past year, we decided to add them to our selection. Whether you want this desk for a lab or clean room application, or you just want the sweetest set-up in the office, the UPLIFT Stainless Steel Height Adjustable Desk has got you covered.

Just like our solid wood desks, each stainless steel desktop is made to order. In addition to our standard sizes, we can accommodate custom size requests; if you need a large conference table, for example, just let us know and we'll get to work. At a sturdy 1.5" thick, these tops are built to last. The surface is finished with a non-directional matte, which masks any accidental scratches that may occur over the years. It's also resistant to stains, heat, moisture, and microbes, making it perfect for lab, health care, or industrial application. To top it all off, it's rust-proof, and easily cleaned using any basic household cleaner, including vinegar if you're the natural type like me!

The wood backer board underneath the steel allows you to attach the base as easily as with all our desks, so assembly is a breeze. All you have to do is zip in the screws, and you're good to go. You can also add any of the optional accessories, like a CPU holder, keyboard tray, or monitor arm, all available at a discount when purchased with the desk. The only difficulty you may encounter is fending off your jealous coworkers.

Available in a two-leg or three-leg version in the size of your choice, The UPLIFT Stainless Steel Height Adjustable Desk brings beauty, design, and function to any workplace. Not only does it look good, it's got all our standard features, including a memory keypad, a hefty lifting capacity and height range, and an industry-leading 7-year warranty. Check out the competition and see why UPLIFT is the #1 sit-stand desk on the market!

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