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Trackbar Emotion Programmable Ergonomic Mouse

item#: PRS109

The Trackbar Emotion Mouse has been designed using a methodology proven over fifteen years that centers the mouse between the user and keyboard, allowing the hands and arms to relax in a natural position while typing and mousing. This position prevents and can help rehabilitate the symptoms of RSI. Scroll down to see more Trackbar Emotion details and specifications.

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The Trackbar Emotion was designed to follow a Swedish methodology with more than 15 years of results that demonstrates centering a mouse with a keyboard and your body prevents pain because you keep your hands and arms in a natural, more relaxed position while working. The symmetrical design encourages the use of both hands and reduces or completely eliminates sideways or reaching arm movements.

Features - Trackbar Emotion Mouse

  • Five programmable buttons offer complete user flexibility, including a scroll wheel and a microphone for use with voice-activated software
  • The Emotion's unique shape can be reversed 180 degrees to bring the rollbar closer to the body, and the Trackbar Emotion can be held in your hand while you work
  • Two 1000 dpi optical sensors provide for precision movement and a faster travel requiring less movement on the user's part to traverse the screen
  • The Trackbar Emotion is fully compatible with both Windows and MAC operating systems, and full programability of the buttons is available for both systems with additional software

    Note: For programmable buttons, download the Trackbar Emotion software for Mac users available from a third-party vendor or the Trackbar Emotion software for PC users directly from the manufacturer. Note current software is not Win 7 compatible. Win 7 software is expected soon.

Technical Specifications

Sensors 2 - 1000 dpi optical sensors
Button force 50-70 Newtons/grams (about 1/3 that of most mice)
Ports 2 USB ports, 1 PS2 port
Dimensions 11"W x 4"D x 1"H at tallest point
Warranty 1 year

Trackbar Emotion wins "Best Product" at 2007 NECE show

The Trackbar Emotion Mouse fits neatly between your keyboard and you

Legend illustrates button functions for Trackbar Emotion

Customer Reviews

Trackbar Emotion Programmable Ergonomic Mouse
4.5 Stars based on 11 Review(s)
5 Stars

This mouse save my life
April 9, 2014
I develope a dessease on my back, neck and the shoulder mouse, and carpel tunnel. I work developing sysems and I didn't realize all my desk set up was ergonomically wrong . In despare when I couldn't literaly work any more I start to search options and purchase the split Kinessis keyboard and the track mouse, change the seat the tray , high of monitor, glasses. And Pain start to ease. I still have muscle spasms in the neck but other pains are gone. I love the mouse I programed both sides to do the same and I find myself instinctively using one hand or the other, using both for the roller. I would recomend this track bar to everyone. It is amazing !!

Nancy Flanigan
3 Stars

Takes Some Getting Used To
January 22, 2013
I wanted an input device that would not put so much strain on my right hand. I like this trackbar because I can left click using my left hand. The only think I don't like is that the bar does not move horizontally as smoothly as I would like which makes it troublesome to highlight text sometimes.

5 Stars

I'm Good to Go!
January 16, 2012
The Trackbar is the only mouse I want to hang around me! When my old one broke, I tried to go back to the traditional mouse, but quickly determined that it takes too much effort and movement to use. My wrist actually started to experience pain. When I started using the Trackbar again the pain went away. I work in safety and highly recommend the Trackbar. Once you get use to it; it is eliminates the use for traditional mouse, mouse pad and bulky wrist pad. It is ergonomically correct!

Injured Shoulders
5 Stars

It Works!!
September 26, 2011
I have adhesive capsulitis as a result of an injury in my right shoulder. Outward rotation to use a conventional mouse was painful and fatiguing. The Trackbar Emotion recommended by our ergonomic safety specialist allows me to hold my shoulders in place, avoid outward rotation and work efficiently without pain. Thank YOU! It takes a little getting used to, but once you re-train your brain where to find the controls without looking, you will be as effective if not more effective as you were before your injury. Only drawback was that I received a defective Trackbar upon my iniitial order; the mouse did not load as new hardware upon plug-in and the trackbar turned only with a great deal of effort. I returned it in exchange for a new Trackbar, which also did not work (same issues). I contacted Eurooffice, who asked me to send my defective Trackbar to them for evaluation. The Trackbar they returned to me loaded instantly upon plug-in. The Trackbar rolls and moves laterally smoothly and effortlessly.

5 Stars

An explanation to the "Horrible" customer
June 28, 2011
I wanted to explain to the person who was complaining about the very heavy right-left motion on the roll bar: I had the same experience and it turned out something had broken during shipment. I received a replacement unit which has a roll bar light as a feather and I'm VERY happy now. You probably won't see this note but perhaps other potential customers will.

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