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Ergonomic Office Tips & Information | Blog

Desk Battle Royale 

The quest to find your perfect standing desk can seem daunting from the get-go. Pneumatic lift or electricity, standing converters, crossbars, programmable keypads - most people know their work style could improve with the introduction of an ergo-friendly desk, but don’t know where to start. There’s just so much background research that must go into [...] Read More »

Keeping Things in Motion

You sit on the drive to work. You sit for a million plus hours at work. You get back in your car for the daily drive back home, where you will inevitably spend at least another 1-2 hours sitting, and that’s just me being conservative. I’m not the best role model either. After 5:00 PM, [...] Read More »

Ergonomic Chair Review: The Humanscale Liberty Chair

We offer a lot of different ergonomic chairs here at Human Solution. When speaking to people about chairs every day, I find that many of our customers are often looking for modern office chairs that offer great back support and are easy to use and adjust. If that’s what you’re looking for, let me point [...] Read More »

Guest Post: Why I Chose UPLIFT

In today’s guest post, Jen C. reviews the entire process that led to her purchase of an UPLIFT desk, as well as her impression of the desk once it was assembled and in use. I researched standing desks for at least 2 months, leading up to my carpal tunnel surgery. I knew I needed to [...] Read More »

Standing Desks: Discover the Stand Up Desk Health Benefits

If you’ve visited our blog before, you know we’re big fans of the standing desk. We recommend using a stand up desk to everyone who calls, emails or chats with us about setting up an ergonomic workstation. If you want to make your workspace healthy, comfortable and ergonomic, a desk for standing is essential. So what [...] Read More »

Lowest Lows and Highest Highs: Setting the Height Range on Your UPLIFT Standing Desk

It’s the little nuances in life that make things special. That UPLIFT Height-Adjustable Standing Desk you’re eyeing? It’s got plenty of nuances, ranging from the small details like the specially-designed foot that gives it superior standing stability, to the nifty things you can do with the Advanced Digital Keypad. The digital display gives you a [...] Read More »

Black Friday Deals Without Black Friday Madness

It’s that time of year again. People massacring each other in the spirit of the holiday for that half- priced television set or some other such thing. Human Solution, however, is in the business of health and comfort so we cannot in good conscience encourage the traditional Yule Tide spectacle of grannies battering young lads [...] Read More »

Ergonomic Chair Review: The Steelcase Think

Many people find themselves opting for flexibility and options in a sleek and modern package when it comes to ergononomic products, so it should be no suprise that one of our more popular options is the Steelcase Think Chair. The Think Chair’s distinct look, style and intuitive ergonomic features help place it above and beyond [...] Read More »

They've Adapted: UPLIFT's new Desk Converter

The UPLIFT Adapt Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter is here with a fresh new design, and it is glorious. Glorious for those of you looking for a quick and easy sit-to-stand work space solution, and glorious for us because we get to spread joy to the masses by giving you the tools to make your [...] Read More »

Treat Yourself

The time of year is upon us when our homes are set upon by the terrors of the night. They come to us in the late night hours to feast upon our candies and haggle with each other over who gets the chocolate and who gets the candy corn. Yes, dreams and nightmares of the [...] Read More »