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Ergonomic Office Tips & Information | Blog

Accessorizing With Your UPLIFT Desk!

It’s been a while since the last breakdown of UPLIFT desk accessories and, while we’ve had some good ones, we’ve grown a lot in the last couple of years. This means we’ve added quite a few new things that just weren’t available before. We’ve also improved upon and simplified some of our options. So, with [...] Read More »

Introducing the Steelcase Gesture Chair

The modern office is changing. Chances are you no longer come in and work exclusively at a desktop computer all day long. With the advent of smartphones, tablets, and laptops, the average office worker finds themselves moving between different postures over the course of the day in order to utilize these new technologies, few of [...] Read More »

As We Grow, So Grows the Nation

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, there’s a flustered squirrel somewhere that just lost some prime real estate. But fret not for our little squirrel-friend -- the forest is full of places to call home. We here at Human Solution love the great outdoors as much [...] Read More »

Fighting Fire With Furniture Standards: What is TB133 Compliant?

Where there’s smoke, there’s something that wasn’t very good at being flame resistant. Fortunately, this is why we have things like flammability standards, which give us all better fire safety and cut down on the use of flame retardant chemicals in all kinds of products, including furniture. In California, we’ve seen things like Technical Bulletin [...] Read More »

Get Control

Mankind has come a long way since the days of the wheel. When was the last time you lit a candle in your house for lighting rather than to produce a waxy, new agey smell? Not that I’m knocking the waxy, new agey smell, as it’s one of my favorites. But I digress. Most people [...] Read More »

Full Desk Upgrade vs. Standing Desk Converter

For far too long the emancipation of the office worker from the confines of the sitting desk have been delayed by seductive gadgets like the standing desk converter. One of the biggest sellers of desk converters is Varidesk. You’ve probably sat through at least one of their commercials while watching your evening television shows. A [...] Read More »

A Review from 9to5

As a company fully dedicated to supporting the sit-stand revolution, it comes as no surprise that we sell a lot of height-adjustable standing desks including our very own UPLIFT Desk. Not to toot our own horn but the UPLIFT is currently one of the top desks on the market and it gets a lot of [...] Read More »

Getting Compatible with VESA Compatibility

After weeks of research and shopping, you’ve finally located the perfect display. Stunning borderless design, ultra-wide screen, and a hi-def resolution make picking out every detail a breeze next time you’re catching up on Game of Thrones. You remind yourself you’ll use it for work too, of course - spreadsheets never looked so good. Sure, [...] Read More »

Stay Cool This Summer With These Breathable Mesh Ergonomic Chairs

The other day on my way home from work, the temperature gauge in my car read 111. Once home, I was greeted by the plants on my balcony scratching at the door in the hot wind like Sarah Connor on Judgment Day. Summer has most definitely arrived, and keeping cool in such extreme heat can [...] Read More »

Ergonomic Keyboard Review: Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard for PC and Mac – GTU-0088

For those in search of an ergonomic keyboard with both PC and Mac capabilities, Human Solution now offers the Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard for PC and Mac GTU-0088. Replacing and improving on the discontinued GTU-MACB, which was a Mac-only model, the new Goldtouch V2 for PC and Mac gives you “plug-and-play” compatibility with both types [...] Read More »