Ergonomic Chair Reviews

Ergonomic Chair Reviews

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 20th 2012

Looking for a great ergonomic chair? We offer the best ergonomic chairs on the market here at Human Solution from top names in ergonomics like Humanscale, Steelcase, Knoll, Raynor Eurotech, and more. Which chair is right for you? Hopefully this blog post will help you choose the right chair and give you a more in-depth understanding of the many benefits and advantages of some of our most popular ergonomic chairs.

The Steelcase Leap Chair:

The Steelcase Leap Chair offers excellent comfort and full back support in a stylish and slim design. The Leap has won numerous awards for its Liveback technology, which allows the chair's back to lean and flex with your movements while providing superior back support for all-day use. The chair back really does adapt to your body as you sit and move, and the intuitive controls make it easy to fit the rest of the chair to your body. The Leap also offers strong adjustable lumbar support and a contoured back that encourage better posture and supports your shoulders. The seat depth on the Leap is adjustable, so this chair easily fits a wide range of users. The mechanism on this chair allows for easy changes in position throughout the day, minimizing discomfort.

The Leap chair is available in a number of fabric and leather options and with or without a headrest. Read more about the Steelcase Leap Chair in this extensive review, and view this video review to see the chair in action.

The Humanscale Freedom Chair:

Another great option is the Humanscale Freedom Chair. This is a very popular ergonomic chair that's designed to provide instant, high-quality ergonomic comfort and support for a wide range of users. The lumbar support on the Freedom is very pronounced, and the entire chair back adjusts intuitively to offer a personalized fit. The Freedom Chair uses your weight to automatically provide you with the right amount of back support. There are no knobs, levers or locks on the chair back to fuss with, which is a plus for many users. The Freedom Chair makes it easy to fit the chair to your body. This is one of the best chairs that allows you to easily go from an upright seated position to a reclined position with comfort and ease, a feature that helps reduce the risk of back pain and back injuries.

The Freedom Chair's arms adjust in tandem and they lower down almost to the seat when you need them out of the way. If you're interested in a headrest, this headrest is completely unique because it moves forward when you lean back. This is nice when you recline because the chair supports your head and neck, rather than you holding them up while you're on the phone, reading, etc. The Freedom Chair is also available without a headrest. Check out this Humanscale Freedom Chair video review to see the chair in action.

Raynor Ergohuman Chair:

The Raynor Ergohuman Chair is a very popular ergonomic chair that provides continual back and lumbar support. The Ergohuman is a very comfortable chair with several intuitive adjustments. The headrest, back and seat cushion are adjustable, making it easy to fit the chair to your body and working style. The armrests adjust vertically and they actually pivot in a fashion very similar to many pricier high end chairs on the market. The chair's mesh is extremely comfy and breathable. This is one of the most comfortable mesh chairs on the market. If you're looking for a stylish, comfortable and adjustable ergonomic chair that can compete favorably against the pricier ergo chairs, then the Ergohuman is for you.

The original Ergohuman Chair V1 is avaialble in all mesh, all leather, or with a mesh back and leather seat. You can all get all of these models with or without a headrest. We also carry the Ergohuman V2 line of chairs, which features a stronger cylinder, slimmer seat, and redesigned armrests. View these video reviews to learn more about the Ergohuman's adjustments and benefits.

Steelcase Amia Chair:

One of our favorite ergonomic chairs that helps with full body support for long hours each day is the Steelcase Amia Chair. The Amia offers a nice, supportive contoured back that provides a good amount of lumbar support. This chair is built for comfort. and easy adjustability. The seat is mildly contoured and cushioned to provide excellent body support, and the seat slider offers a great range of depth adjustment.

The Amia is also super stylish and slim -- it'll look great in any environment, and it's available in a number of fabric styles and colors. Like the Leap Chair, the Amia has some of the best armrests on the market. These arms go really low and they pivot in and out, and they slide closer on each side up to two inches.

Knoll Generation Chair:

The Knoll Generation Chair is a great modern ergo chair that has an extremely flexible back with a unique twist. The Generation was designed with movement in mind. The chair's back is created out of a unique polymer that is flexible, but strong. It has a similar feel to a mesh back, but is more flexible, allowing and encouraging more movement. The back is hinged at the top so that the chair back actually flexes with your upper back movements. The overall effect is very comfortable and supportive. Users who want a bit more firmness on the lumbar region can opt for an adjustable lumbar support. The Generation Chair's seat is padded and comfortable.

The Knoll Generation chair offers great back support in a pretty unique way with it’s polymer back, and if you’re the type that likes a little flexibility, we definitely recommend this chair.

Humanscale Liberty Chair:

The Humanscale Liberty Chair is a uniquely deigned ergonomic task chair with a number of enviable features. The most unique feature is the 3-piece mesh back. The Liberty's supportive and comfortable mesh back tracks the sitter's motions to provide a personalized fit. The mesh back is designed to follow and support your back and shoulder movements. The dynamic adjustment mechanism used on the Liberty chair is one of the most fluent on the ergonomic market. This popular chair from Humanscale glides effortlessly, making it an extension of your body.

The Liberty Chair offers great lumbar support that automatically fits you, and the mesh and supportive seat are available in a number of different colors and styles.

Knoll Life Chair:

Here's another comfortable mesh ergonomic chair known for its sleek and slim profile, durability and comfort. The Knoll Life Chair is one of the most popular office chairs made by Knoll. One of the greatest things about the Life Chair is its flexible mesh design -- the mesh supports your body effortlessly as you recline, sit and work without the need for manual adjustments. This is an intuitive chair that adjusts to your needs with minimal effort. The contoured back provides strong lumbar support, and the Synchronized recline system is counter-balanced by the user's body weight, which eliminates the need to manually adjust the tension when engaged.

Adjusting the seat depth is simple with the Life Chair's seat slider, and the seat features a waterfall edge design to relieve pressure on the back of your legs when sitting.

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