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Monitor Arms with Wall Mounts

Each of the monitor arms listed here can be purchased with a mount that will enable you to attach your monitor to the wall. Most wall mounted monitor arms include a full range of depth adjustment, but minimal height adjustment. Careful note of the monitor arm's maximum weight should be taken to prevent damage to your wall or an arm incompatible with your display. In need of expert advice? Drop in our live chat service or give us a call at 800-531-3746.

Innovative 7000 LCD Monitor Arm

Ergotech Dual LCD Monitor Mount Vertical Mount 100-S28-B11

Innovative Quad LCD Monitor Mount - Direct mount

Innovative Quadropod LCD Monitor Arm

Innovative 7500 Wing Dual LCD Arm

Innovative ArcView Dual Monitor Mount

Innovative Dual 7000 Mount LCD Arm [7000-8408]

Innovative 9112-D-FM Dual Articulating LCD Monitor Mount

Innovative Duopod Dual LCD Monitor Arm

Innovative Side-by-Side Dual LCD Monitor Arm 9120

Innovative EVO II LCD Monitor Arm

Innovative 7Flex LCD Monitor Arm

Innovative 9105-FM Heavy Duty LCD Arm

Innovative iLift - Flexible Arm for Apple Cinema Display and iMac G5

Ergotech LCD Monitor Mount with 16'' pole 100-C16-B01

Innovative Articulating Arm Mount

Innovative 7500 Deluxe LCD Radial Arm w/Internal Cable Management

Innovative IOP iPad Arm

Innovative 9110 LCD Monitor Wall Mount w/Optional Extension Arms

Innovative Switch Dual LCD Monitor Arm 9136-SWITCH-S-14

Innovative Switch Dual LCD Monitor Arm 9112-SWITCH-S-14

Innovative Switch Triple LCD Monitor Arm 9163-SWITCH-S-14

Innovative Switch Quad LCD Monitor Arm 9136-SWITCH-D-28

Innovative Switch Quad LCD Monitor Arm 9112-SWITCH-D-28

Innovative Switch LCD Monitor Arm for 6 Monitors 9163-SWITCH-D-28

Innovative 8326 Vertical Wall Mounting Track with Cable Management