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Adjustable Height Standing Desk Selector Tool

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So by now, we're sure you've read all the statistics, both about how bad sitting all day is and how beneficial it is to periodically stand at work. Now you that you know you need a height adjustable desk to be healthier and happier, it's time to choose one that's right for you. Not sure where to start? We've created an Adjustable Height Desk Selector Tool so you can quickly and easily find the best standing desk for you!

Regardless of how specific your needs are, you can find your perfect sit to stand solution. Just start at the top, and see where our selector tool leads you! You can click on any of the green destination boxes for further information on the best standing desk for you. If you've got more questions, you can always give us a call at 800-531-3746 or chat with one of our experts during business hours, and we'll be happy to go more in depth into your options and find you the perfect sit-stand desk!

Video Demonstration - The UPLIFT Desk

Local Austin musician and SXSW performer Zac Kellogg uses the UPLIFT Desk to write his music. Click the video below to see why he thinks the UPLIFT height-adjustable desk makes the best workspace.

Video Demonstration - UPLIFT 900 Electric Sit-Stand Desk

Our UPLIFT 900 series desks are some of our most popular. They're extremely versatile and configurable, and they're a great value! Click the video below to see one in action:

Video Demonstration- UPLIFT 975 Electric Sit-Stand Pedestal Desk

If you're looking for a standing desk with a small footprint that can make a big impact on the way you work, look no further than the UPLIFT 975! Not sure if this desk will work for you? Click on the video below to see a demonstration of this space-saving electric desk:

Video Demonstration - UPLIFT Treadmill Desk

Watch our UPLIFT Treadmill Desk video below to see how to best set up your treadmill desk:

Let us help you choose the right desk with our online selector tool

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