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Monitor Arms with Bolt and Grommet Mounts

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Bolt mounts and grommet mounts are highly secure mounting options for all types of monitor arms. Bolt mounts require a small hole (size varies by monitor arm) to be drilled into the surface of the desk, whereas grommet mounts require a larger, pre-drilled hole. Bolt mounts and grommet mounts are semi-permanent but highly stable, allowing you to bring the monitor closer to you than a clamp mount would allow.

Monitor arms with bolt or grommet mounts offer more flexibility than clamps as they may be installed anywhere on your desk and offer excellent, long-term stability. Need assistance selecting which mount is right for you? Join us in live chat or call us at 800-531-3746 for expert advice.

Innovative 7000 LCD Monitor Arm
Goldtouch Dynafly Monitor Arm
Innovative 7050-SWITCH Dual Monitor and Tablet Arm
Innovative 9189 Adjustable POS Through-Counter Mount
Innovative 9232 Light Duty Pole Mount
Innovative 9183 Adjustable POS Countertop Mount
Ergotech Dual LCD Monitor Mount Vertical Mount 100-S28-B11
ESI Ergonomics Monitor Arm MMFS3
ESI Ergonomics MMFS4 Multi-Mount Monitor Arm
ESI Ergonomics MMFS6 Multi-Mount Monitor Arm
Innovative Quad LCD Monitor Mount - Direct mount
Innovative Quadropod LCD Monitor Arm
Knoll Sapper Monitor Arm
Knoll Sapper 50 Monitor Arm
Knoll Sapper XYZ Monitor Arm
Knoll Dual Sapper XYZ Monitor Arm
ISE Dual Laptop and Monitor Mount
ISE Dual Monitor Laptop Mount - Long Arms
Humanscale M/Flex Monitor Arm - Two Monitor Solution
Humanscale M/Flex Monitor Arm - Three Monitor Solution
Humanscale Monitor Arm M8 Dual
Innovative 7500 Wing Dual LCD Arm
Innovative ArcView Dual Monitor Mount
Innovative Dual 7000 Mount LCD Arm [7000-8408]
Innovative Dual EVO Mount Monitor Arm
Workrite Poise Dual LCD Monitor Arm
ESI Ergonomics MMFS2 Multi-Mount Articulating Arm
Innovative 9112-D-FM Dual Articulating LCD Monitor Mount
Innovative Duopod Dual LCD Monitor Arm
Innovative Side-by-Side Dual LCD Monitor Arm 9120
3M Easy-Adjust Dual Monitor Arm MA260MB
Innovative EVO II LCD Monitor Arm
Innovative EVO Pole Monitor Arm 5800
Innovative 7Flex LCD Monitor Arm
3M Easy-Adjust Monitor Arm MA240MB
3M Mechanical Adjust Monitor Arm MA100MB
Humanscale M2 Monitor Arm Same Day Ship
Humanscale M8 Monitor Arm - Same Day Ship
Humanscale M2 Monitor Arm
Humanscale M2 Monitor Arm - Black
Humanscale M8 Monitor Arm
Humanscale M/Flex Monitor Arm - One Monitor Solution
Innovative iLift - Flexible Arm for Apple Cinema Display and iMac G5
Workrite Poise LCD Monitor Arm
Details by Steelcase FYI LCD Monitor Arm
Ergotech LCD Monitor Mount with 16'' pole 100-C16-B01
ESI Ergonomics LCD Monitor Arm
Innovative 3 Link Long Reach Monitor Arm
CinemaLift - Flexible Arm for Apple Cinema Display
Innovative Articulating Arm Mount
Innovative Long Reach LCD Monitor Arm w/Internal Cable Management
Innovative 7500 Deluxe LCD Radial Arm w/Internal Cable Management
Systematix Economy LCD Monitor Arm
Workrite Poise LCD Monitor Arm Extended Reach
Innovative IOP iPad Arm
Peerless Monitor Arm Mount LCV-100
Innovative Switch Dual LCD Monitor Arm 9136-SWITCH-S-14
Innovative Switch Dual LCD Monitor Arm 9112-SWITCH-S-14
Innovative Switch Triple LCD Monitor Arm 9163-SWITCH-S-14
Innovative Switch Quad LCD Monitor Arm 9136-SWITCH-D-28
Innovative Switch Quad LCD Monitor Arm 9112-SWITCH-D-28
Innovative Switch LCD Monitor Arm for 6 Monitors 9163-SWITCH-D-28
Innovative 9105-FM Heavy Duty LCD Arm

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