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UPLIFT 700 & UPLIFT 800 Series Laminate Sit-Stand Desks

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The UPLIFT 700 series and UPLIFT 800 series sit-stand desks are discontinued and have been replaced by the UPLIFT 900 series, which includes the Uplift 970 line of pedestal desks, The UPLIFT 900 and 920 line of 2-leg standing desks, and the Uplift 950 line of 3-leg corner adjustable height desks.

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UPLIFT sit-stand desks can help improve your focus and productivity while also providing better blood flow to the legs and increasing the amount of calories burned in an average workday. Although the UPLIFT 700 and UPLIFT 800 lines have been discontinues, our UPLIFT 900 Series offers more adjustability and lift capacity at an even better price point.

UPLIFT Sit-Stand Desks are great for combating the negative health effects associated with all-day sitting. Living a very sedentary lifestyle can lead to health problems like obesity and poor circulation, especially when a person spends all day sitting in an office. These adjustable-height sit-stand desks allow you to offset the effects of a sedentary office job, improving your focus and productivity by making it easy to shift working positions over the course of the day. By simply standing while you work for part of the day, you can burn up to 40% more calories compared to just sitting.

Standing while working also comes with other health benefits, such as a decreased spinal workload, reducing and preventing associated work injuries. Additionally, standing for part of the day can also give you increased energy, promote respiration and increase productivity by improving your focus. UPLIFT Sit-Stand Desks are the preferred solution to help you reap these health benefits and get through your workday with confidence and comfort.

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Watch the video below for more information on our UPLIFT 700 and 800 desks:

And for comparison, here's a video with information on our newest UPLIFT models, the 900 series: