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Adjustable Height No-Crossbar Desks

While all of our UPLIFT Desks are designed without a bulky crossbar crowding your leg space, they do come with an optional crossbar that lies flush underneath the desktop surface. If you want to leave that out during assembly, you can do so with no impact on the overall stability of your desk.

The main reason you'd choose to assemble with no crossbar is if you've got a keyboard tray with a long track requiring clearance from the front to back of your desk. Leaving out the crossbar will give you the space you need under the desktop to mount a long track. If you choose the UPLIFT Large Keyboard Tray or the UPLIFT Switch Keyboard Tray, you'll receive both track lengths as standard, an 11'' track and a 21'' track. You can assemble the desk with the crossbar and use the 11'' track, or assemble without the crossbar and use the 21'' track. The benefit to using the longer track is that you can easily push the keyboard tray under the desk when not in use. With the 11'' track, you can still hide the tray under the desk; you'd just rotate it on the mechanism to the left or right, and it will swivel under your desktop.

UPLIFT No-Crossbar Desk

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UPLIFT Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame - 2-Leg

If you're purchasing just the desk base and using your own top, there are some cases where it's best to include the crossbar. If your desktop is wider than 80" or less than 1" thick, the crossbar will be useful in aiding stability and preventing your desktop from sagging over time. If you have any questions on whether your top is compatible, please call us at 800-531-3746.

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Video Demonstration - The UPLIFT Desk

Local Austin musician and SXSW performer Zac Kellogg uses the UPLIFT Desk to write his music. Click the video below to see why he thinks the UPLIFT height-adjustable desk makes the best workspace.

Video Demonstration - The UPLIFT Desk

The Division, the production team responsible for Velocity Network series Graveyard Carz, shows off how much they love their UPLIFT Desks.

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