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Balt Adjustable Height Desks

Balt Adjustable Height Desks come in several different sizes and configurations to offer the right sit-stand workstation for any user. Sit-stand desks help anyone stay comfortable throughout the day, and they promote good posture and blood flow while helping you burn more calories and feel more focused and energetic. Balt offers everything from pneumatic adjustable height laptop stands to multi-tiered and portable workstations.

Balt, Inc. is globally known for producing high-quality and durable ergonomic workstations, printer/fax/audio-visual stands and computer accessories, Balt, Inc. has been the user's choice for versatile office equipment since 1985. They are perpetually adding to their product lines new office chairs, and workstations, ensuring their ongoing leadership in the industry as a world-class trendsetter in office and educational furnishings.

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Balt Lapmatic Ergonomic Laptop Workstation 89829

Balt POP Laptop Stand 47262 / 48752

Balt Ergo E.Eazy Adjustable Workstation 82493