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Humanscale M4 Dual Monitor Arm

item#: HUS082

The Humanscale M4 Monitor Arm Dual offers an excellent solution for side-by-side monitors, including individual adjustment on each gas cylinder arm. Unlike the Humanscale M7, the Humanscale M4 Monitor Arms offer quick and easy height and depth adjustment for both the horizontal and vertical planes. Choose from a grommet or low-profile clamp mount to accommodate your work station setup. Scroll down to see more Humanscale M4 Monitor Arm Dual Arm features and specifications.

Humanscale has discontinued this item.
The Humanscale M8 Dual Monitor Arm or Humanscale M/Flex Monitor Arm - Two Monitor Solution are great replacements.

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Mount - Humanscale M4 Dual Monitor Arm

Choose from either a two-piece heavy duty clamp mount or a bolt-through mount. Either mount will keep your arm and monitors safe and secure.

Heavy-Duty Clamp
M7 clamp mount
M7 Bolt-through Mount

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VESA Mount - Humanscale M4 Dual Monitor Arm

The VESA mount connects to the monitor. The standard 75 x 100 mm size fits most monitors, but Humanscale also offers a 100 x 200 mm size.

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Color - Humanscale M4 Dual Monitor Arm

Black and silver finishes are available.

Humanscale M4 Dual Monitor Arm: Color Options

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Both units are delivered as a complete kit including: Gauge, magnetic probe, 100 target balls 2.5 mm, 50 4 mm and 25 6 mm, multi-language operating instructions, 4 AA batteries, protective rubber shell with stand and belt clip, and magnetic screw driver in a hard plastic case.

Both the Fh 7200 and Fh 7400 feature:

  • NIST tracable calibration certificates
  • High precision target balls for reproducible measuremetns
  • Data capture of up to 20 data points per second
  • Sensor-integrated digital signal processing
  • Multi-point calibration up to 5 points
  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • Minimum and maximum readings
  • Menu-controlled user interface
  • Context-sensitive, online help
  • SPC capabilities
Elektrophysiks FH2700 kti
  Measuring Ranges Measuring Tolerance*
FH4 probe: 0?1.5 mm with 1.5 mm reference ball 0?1.5 mm: ? (3 ?m + 1% of reading)
  0?2.5 mm with 2.5 mm reference ball 0?2.5 mm: ? (5 ?m + 1% of reading)
  0?4.0 mm with 4.0 mm reference ball 0?4.0 mm: ? (10 ?m + 1% of reading)
FH10 probe: 0?2.5 mm with 2.5 mm reference ball 0?2.5 mm: ? (5 ?m + 1% of reading)
  0?4.0 mm with 4.0 mm reference ball 0?4.0 mm: ? (10 ?m + 1% of reading)
  0?10 mm with 6.0 mm reference ball 0?6.0 mm: ? (20 ?m + 1% of reading)
    6?10.0 mm: ? (1.5% of reading)
  0?10 mm with 6.0 mm reference ball 0?10.0 mm: ? (20 ?m + 1% of reading)
Low range resolution: 0.1 ?m (FH4)/ 0.2 ?m (FH10)
Repeatability: Better than ? (1 ?m + 0.5% of reading)
Measuring principle: Magnetostatic
Logging rate: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 readings per second (selectable)
Data memory: 240,000 values (limited to 100,000 values on MiniTest 7200 FH)
Calibration modes: Factory, Zero, Zero + up to 4 points
Measuring units: metric, imperial
Statistical charting: Numeric, trend, and histogram (with MiniTest 7400 FH only)
Interface: RS232 TTL +lrDA 1.0
Operating temperature: -10 degrees Celsius ?+60 degrees Celsius (Storage Temp: -20C to +80C)
Dimension/Weight: 153 mm x 89 mm / 310g / 6" x 3.5" x 1.3" / 11 oz (gauge w/batteries only)
Power Supply: 4 x AA batteries or optional power unit
* Related to ElektroPhysik precision standards

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details ballpoint image ballpoint in use
fh7200 complete fh7200 footswitch fh7200 stand
FH7200 printer

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Humanscale M4 Dual Monitor Arm

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