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Humanscale M7 LCD Monitor Arm - Build Your Own Solution for 2 Monitors

item#: HUS047

Humanscale's M7 LCD Monitor Arm is really a modular system where you can assemble different parts to get exactly what you need to support your monitors. This M7 Build Your Own Monitor Solution is for 2 monitors and can be configured so each monitor is on its own arm and placed horizontally, on a crossbar placed horizontally or stacked vertically with a direct mount without articulating arms.

Humanscale has discontinued this item.
The Humanscale M8 Dual Monitor Arm or Humanscale M/Flex Monitor Arm - Two Monitor Solution are great replacements.

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- required

Finish -

The Humanscale M7 LCD arm is available in three different finishes. Black and silver are both standard colors. Polished aluminum is an upgrade and adds as much as 10 weeks to leadtime.

Humanscale M7 monitor arm colors

Bracket -

m7 t1 bracket photo

For a dual monitor configuration where both monitors are mounted horizontally, you have 2 bracket options. The B2 allows for some height adjustment as it can be repositioned on the post. A slim post with a B2 offers maximum "at the post end" height adjustment. The N2 is required for panel or wall mounts where you do not intend to use a post. If you want them vertically stacked, you would need 2 B1 brackets with either a 1h or 2h stackable post (see below for post options).

B2 - bracket mount for 2 monitors
N2 - no post mount for 2 monitors
humanscale b2
humanscale n2

Arm links -

Humanscale offers two different styles of arm links - standard, open link and folding link, and two different lengths in for the standard link style. Each link allows for lateral (side-to-side) rotation. the 8" folding links can fold back completely with one on top of the other. If you plan to use a crossbar, you must order the crossbar with the folding links as it will not work with the open links. The M7 arm can also be ordered without any links at all for direct mount applications that do not require the depth of a linked arm. Drawings illustrate total depth of each arm link option.

humanscale m7 8 inch link drawings with measurements

humanscale m7 link drawings for 12" link, 8 and 12 inch combination and 8 inch folding link

humanscale m7 link drawings for 2 12 inch links and 2 8 inch folding links

Mount -

Humanscale offers 6 different desk mounting options, plus 2 wall mount and panel mounts for most accessory rail, slatwall and wall system panels. note that if you plan on a panel mount and a mutiple monitor solution, the brand of panel you have is critical as the universal panel mount will only support one monitor. the term "row" refers to rows of monitors. if you wanted one or more monitors on top of each other, you would mount them in rows. Not all mounts are compatible with every post style. Grommet mounts cannot be used with slim or stacking posts. If your total monitor weight exceeds 30lbs and you want a clamp mount, you must use the CM heavy duty clamp.

Post height from top of mount to top of post
top mount
1 row
bracket mount
1 row
bracket mount
2 rows
grommet mount
bolt, direct or clamp mount
slatwall mount
Horizontal mount Applications
m7 bolt-through mount

Bolt Through (BT)

secures your M7 post to your work surface via a bolt.

m7 clamp mount

Heavy Duty Clamp Mount (CM)

An extra secure clamp for heavy, multiple-monitor applications. Not necessary for a single monitor, even larger monitors.

m7 low profile 2 piece clamp mount

Low Profile Two-piece Clamp Mount (LC)

Similar to the low-profile one piece but comes apart for "against the wall" applications where you can't slide a one piece mount into place.

m7 low-profile clamp mount

Low Profile One-piece Clamp Mount (LP)*

humanscale's clamp mounts are very secure. this is the most common clamp choice and is as suitable for multiple monitors as the other clamp mounts.

* This part has been discontinued...

See Also: Humanscale M8 Monitor Arm & M2 Monitor Arm

m7 direct mount

Direct Mount (DM)

Screws to the top of your work surface.

m7 grommet mount

Grommet Mount (GM)

Many desks come equipped with a pre-drilled 2.5" diameter grommet hole making installation of your monitor arm fast and secure. note that use of a grommet mount allows for additional height adjustments as the post can be slid down into the hole to lower your pole height. Cannot be used with a slim post (SL).

Wall and panel mounts Applications
m7 standard wall stud mount

Standard Wall Stud Mount (WD)

This mount is suitable for multiple monitors.

m7 wall stud mount

Knuckle Wall Stud Mount (WK)

The Knuckle Wall Mount offers an extra point of pivot for added adjustability.

Post and height adjustment options -

Humanscale FEA close up

Humanscale M7 link arms do not offer any height adjustability. There are three ways to add height adjustability.

  • Bracket Mount, this can work well for a single single monitor on a slim post if you don't need to change height often.
  • Standard Adjustable post (gas cylinder)
  • Front End Adjuster (FEA) - allows you to adjust your monitor height at the front end of the arm and offers the ability to raise your monitor higher than the height of the post. This is also the easiest way to adjust the height of your monitor.

Standard Posts -

Standard posts feature a large outer tube and a narrower inner pole that does not slide into the larger tube - this post is fixed in height once mounted. These posts are heavy duty and great for heavier monitors or multiple monitor configurations but are only available for one row configurations. In other words, they are not suitable for applications where you want one or more monitors above another. Standard posts are only suitable for horizontal mounting.

Standard post options include:

  • NP: no post - required for direct mount
  • SP: non-adjustable- no height adjustment

Grommet mounting allows for additional height control because the post can go below your desk. maximum height 15.9".

standard m7 post with top mount

standard post with bracket mount'

Slim post -

The slim post is also designed for mounting on horizontal surfaces and the slim post is not height adjustable but when used with a bracket mount, the bracket can move up or down the entire length of the slim post providing for easy height adjustment. Sm posts are better for light duty and one monitor configurations with a maximum combined monitor weight of 30 lbs.

Note that maximum height is slightly less for bracket mount. The slim post cannot be used with a grommet mount.

humanscale slim post bracket mount

Stackable Posts -

Stackable posts can be used for multiple monitor configurations where you wish to stack monitors in rows or for single monitor when you need a taller configuration. Stackable posts can support up to two rows of up to 3 monitors each. Stackable posts can be used with any mount on a horizontal surface, or with wall and panel mounts.

Options for horizontal mounts -

  • 1h: one row stackable post
  • 2h: two row stackable post for mounting one or more monitors above one or more monitors
  • ts: top row stackable post - can be added to an existing 1h or 1v to create a second row.

Options for vertical (wall and panel) mounts -

  • 1v: one row stackable post
  • 2v: two row stackable post
m7 1hm7 1v
m7 2hm7 2v

Crossbars -

Crossbars offer the ability to mount two so that they move up and down in unison. Each monitor mount features a ball pivot joint for independent viewing angle adjustment. Each crossbar requires 2 folding link arms for mounting and must be used with a bracket mount for height adjustability.

humanscale double crossbar
humanscale crossbar  width= 197

Humanscale M7 options:

  • SCK - rotating ball joint with lock for added theft prevention
  • QL - quick release for easy removal of monitor
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Our Price: $249.00
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Humanscale M7 Monitor Arm

M7 links up close

Most monitor arms will allow you to place your monitor in the best possible viewing position, but Humanscale's M7 lcd monitor arm offers far more. Its sleek styling and minimal parts makes the M7 monitor arm easy to set-up and use. The Humanscale M7 lcd monitor mount offers the ultimate in flexibility when designing a monitor arm solution for up to 8 monitors- whether you need an arm that will mount to your desk, your wall or an accessory rail.

The Humanscale M7 is totally modular, as is the Humanscale's top monitor arm, the Humanscale M4. Parts can often be mixed, retrofitted or replaced, so your custom monitor arm can be updated as your needs change. For the ease of fingertop height adjustment please see the Humanscale M4 Monitor arm.

Humanscale M7 General Specifications:

  • Every configuration allows for 360° monitor rotation allowing for viewing in landscape or potrait mode
  • 60° range of lateral and vertical monitor tilt provides for easy positioning for optimal viewing
  • Gas-spring height adjustable cylinders or front-end adjusters are calibrated to a specified weight range to support monitors up to 30 pounds (please select these items based on the weight of your monitor, not screen size)
  • Built-in cable management via clips mounted to the underside of the arms
  • VESA 75mm and 100mm mounting plates come standard with a M7, and special Viewsonic 200mm x 100mm rectangular mounting plates are also available
  • MAC friendly mounts are available directly from the Apple Store online (Cinema Display VESA mount adapter kit or 24" iMac Display VESA mount adapter kit)
  • Parts are made of 100% recycled die-cast aluminum for strength and stability
  • 10-year warranty on all gas-spring arms, and a lifetime warranty on all other components
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We are always happy to help configure an arm solution for you.

Customer Reviews

Humanscale M7 LCD Monitor Arm - Build Your Own Solution for 2 Monitors
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
5 Stars

M7 Dual LCD Monitor Arms
June 4, 2009
Great Product. Easy to install, Really free'd up space on my desk by moving two monitor's up to eye level and got monitor stands off desk. Looks great!

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