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Humanscale M7 LCD Monitor Arm Triple - Build Your Own Solution for 3 Monitors

item#: HUS074

Humanscale's M7 LCD Monitor Arm is really a modular system where you can assemble different parts to get exactly what you need to support your monitors. This M7 Build Your Own Monitor Solution is for 3 monitors and can be configured so each monitor is on it's own arm and placed horizontally, on a crossbar placed horizontally. Base price shown is for a unit comprised of a standard post, bolt through mount, 2 8" folding link arms and a direct mount (no arm) for the center monitor.

Humanscale has discontinued this item.
The Humanscale M8 Dual Monitor Arm or Humanscale M/Flex Monitor Arm - Two Monitor Solution are great replacements, or we have more monitor arms for three or more monitors available.

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Color - Humanscale M7 LCD Monitor Arm Triple

The Humanscale M7 LCD arm is available in three different finishes. Black and silver are both standard colors. Polished aluminum is an upgrade and adds as much as 10 weeks to lead time.

Humanscale M7 monitor arm colors

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Arm Bracket - Humanscale M7 LCD Monitor Arm Triple

m7 bracket photo

For a triple monitor configuration where both monitors are mounted horizontally, you have two bracket options. The B3 allows for each monitor to be placed on its own arm and offers maximum flexibility for placement. Note that if you want to adjust the height of each monitor separately, you will need to add a Front End Adjuster (FEA) to each arm. You will want the center arm to be shorter, or you can opt for just the ball joint. You will not have much flexibility for depth adjustment on the center monitor.

Alternatively, you can use a B2 bracket with two link arms. You will need double link arms and can use either open links or folding links. The folding links will allow for a shallower placement.

B2 - bracket mount for use with crossbar
B3 - use with 3 arms or 2 arms and center ball joint
humanscale b2
B3 bracket for M7 arm

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Arm Links - Outer - Humanscale M7 LCD Monitor Arm Triple

Humanscale offers two different styles of arm links - standard, open link and folding link, and two different lengths in for the standard link style. Each link allows for lateral (side-to-side) rotation. the 8" folding links can fold back completely with one on top of the other. the M7 arm can also be ordered without any links at all for direct mount applications that do not require the depth of a linked arm. Drawings illustrate total depth of each arm link option. These links are for the two arms connected to the outer monitors.

Arm link options for Humanscale M7 arm for triple, quadruple or multiple monitor configurations

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Arm Links - Center - Humanscale M7 LCD Monitor Arm Triple

The center arm, like the outer arms, can be ordered with different types of links. Because the center monitor does not have much range of motion due to the monitors on either side of it, only arms with one link are available for the center monitor. Images of the different choices can be seen above in the Arm Links - Outer options. The types of links available for the center arm are:

  • One - 8" standard link
  • One - 12" standard link
  • One - 8" folding link

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Desk Mount - Humanscale M7 LCD Monitor Arm Triple

Four different desk mount choices or available. Please choose "no desk mount" if you wish to order the M7 with a wall mount rather than a desk mount.

Post Height* (distance from top of desk mount to top of post)

  One Row Two Rows
All mounts 17.8" 36.7"

* "Rows" refers to rows of monitors. If one or more monitors were arranged on top of each other, they would be mounted in rows.


m7 bolt-through mount

Bolt Through (BT)

Secures your M7 post to your work surface via a bolt.

m7 clamp mount

Heavy Duty Clamp Mount (CM)

An extra secure clamp for heavy, multiple-monitor applications. Not necessary for a single monitor, even larger monitors.

m7 direct mount

Direct Mount (DM)

Screws to the top of your work surface.

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Wall Mount - Humanscale M7 LCD Monitor Arm Triple

The wall stud mount allows the M7 to mount to a vertical surface. Please select "no wall mount" if you wish to order the M7 with a desk mount instead.

M7 Standard Wall Stud Mount

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Post - Humanscale M7 LCD Monitor Arm Triple

Standard Posts -

Standard posts feature a large outer tube and a narrower inner pole that does not slide into the larger tube - this post is fixed in height once mounted. These posts are heavy duty and great for heavier monitors or multiple monitor configurations but are only available for one row configurations. In other words, they are not suitable for applications where you want one or more monitors above another. Standard posts are only suitable for horizontal mounting.

Standard post options include:

  • NP: no post - required for direct mount
  • SP: non-adjustable- no height adjustment

standard m7 post with top mount

standard post with bracket mount'

Stackable Posts -

Stackable posts can be used for multiple monitor configurations where you wish to stack monitors in rows or for single monitor when you need a taller configuration. Stackable posts can support up to two rows of up to 3 monitors each. Stackable posts can be used with any mount on a horizontal surface, or with wall and panel mounts.

Options for horizontal mounts -

  • 1h: one row stackable post
  • 2h: two row stackable post for mounting one or more monitors above one or more monitors
  • ts: top row stackable post - can be added to an existing 1h or 1v to create a second row.

Options for vertical (wall and panel) mounts -

  • 1v: one row stackable post
  • 2v: two row stackable post
m7 1hm7 1v
m7 2hm7 2v

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Front End Adjuster - Humanscale M7 LCD Monitor Arm Triple

Humanscale M7 link arms do not offer any height adjustability, however the bracket may be positioned at different heights on the post, offering a "set it and forget it" height adjustment. Those wishing to adjust their monitor height should consider a Front End Adjuster. Positioned at the front end of the arm (just behind the monitor), an FEA offers the ability to raise and lower monitors easily. An FEA allows monitors to raise higher than the height of the post and is the easiest way to adjust the height of a monitor. Humanscale offers a universal front end adjuster in silver only, and each FEA supports up to 30 lbs on each arm.

Note: If you do not want an FEA on each arm, please contact us to place a custom order.

Humanscale Front End Adjuster

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Crossbar - Humanscale M7 LCD Monitor Arm Triple

Crossbars offer the ability to mount all three monitors horizontally so that they move up and down in unison. Each monitor mount features a ball pivot joint for independent viewing angle adjustment. Each crossbar requires 2 folding link arms for mounting and must be used with a B2 bracket mount for height adjustability. The crossbar is NOT compatible with the QR option part.

Front view drawing of crossbar
Side view drawing of a triple crossbar

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Other Options - Humanscale M7 LCD Monitor Arm Triple

Three additional options are available for the M7 monitor arm. Each may be ordered individually, in combinations of two or all options may be selected.

  • SCK - rotating ball joint with lock for added theft prevention
  • QL - quick release for easy removal of monitor (not compatible with crossbar)
  • PS - post stop that limits the range of rotation of the arms to 180°

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Shimpo FGS-250PV stand is adaptable to most manufacturers' force gauges, enabling flexibility in testing. It has gauge overload protection to avoid damage to instruments. RS232 and analog outputs allow data collection and analysis. Its all steel construction is rugged and durable, making it suitable for use even in industrial environments.

Shimpo FGS-250PV Manual Test Stand Features

  • User programmable set points: speed, distance, stop time
  • Zero load and displacement programmable with programmable cycling
  • High and low force settings and speeds
  • 31" of travel
  • RS232 and analog distance outputs
  • Manually adjustable upper and lower distance limits
  • English and metric units of measure

Technical Specifications

Capacity 500 lb (250 kg, 2,500 N)
Travel speed FGS-250PVL: 0.04" - 4.92"/min (12.5 - 125 mm/min)
FGS-250PVH: 5.12" - 49.23"/min (130 - 1250 mm/min)
Stroke 31.10" (790 mm)
Display Four digit LED, 0.41" high (10.5 mm), test stand can change English to metric
Operating mode MANU, JOG, SING, CONT, PROG
Communication Sensor: FGV, FGV-H, DFS, DRI (remote load cell) To PC: RS-232C (baud rate 9600 bps, data length: 8 bit, stop bit: 1 bit, parity: none
Limit switch reliability FGS-250PVL: 0.0006" (0.015 mm) at max speed
FGS-250PVH: 0.0036" (0.092 mm) at max. speed
Zeroing feature repeatability FGS-250PVL: Max. 0.015" (0.383 mm) at max. speed
FGS-250PVH: Max. 0.172" (4.355 mm) at max. speed
Deflection 0.033 (0.85 mm) at max. capacity
Power 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Weight FGS-250PVL: 115.7 lbs (52.5 kg)
Dimensions 14.42" (366 mm) X 50.22" (1275 mm) X 20.52" (521 mm)
Warranty One year

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Humanscale M7 LCD Monitor Arm Triple - Build Your Own Solution for 3 Monitors

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