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Idea at Work Adjustable Height Desks

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Idea at Work adjustable height desks offer various adjustment types, shapes and styles, making them primed to tackle any situation or application. Available in both electric and crank adjustment and a variety of laminate finishes, Idea at Work desks feature enough variety that there's bound to be a desk that suits your needs and preferences. One of the unique features of the Idea at Work adjustable height desk is the option of a built-in, height-adjustable keyboard platform aimed at keeping your arms and wrists in place and out of pain. The numerous options and features Idea at Work offers allow for you to easily customize your ideal adjustable height desk. We are confident you will find these adjustable desks flexible enough to handle almost any office environment, all the while keeping you fit and focused.

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Adjustable height desks offer myriad health benefits including improved circulation, energy level and focus as a result of standing and engaging your back, legs and core, which are strengthened the more you stand. All of the adjustable height desks we offer are capable of alleviating serious health risks, such as heart disease and diabetes, caused by sitting all day. It's no exaggeration to say our adjustable height desks can change your life.