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Idea at Work Keyboard Trays

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Idea at Work keyboard trays are a good value-priced solution for those who want to sit in a more relaxed and ergonomic position while typing. From the In-Line Mouse Keyboard Tray, which features one platform for both your keyboard and mouse, to keyboard trays like the the Mouse-Over and Mouse-Forward models with a separate, adjustable mouse platform, Idea at Work keyboard trays are perfect for the budget-minded user that wants to improve the ergonomics of their workstation.

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Idea at Work Keyboard Trays feature positive and negative tilt adjustment, usually ranging from -15 degrees to +10 degrees, meaning you can tilt the platform both toward or away from you. However, the proper ergonomic position is a negative tilt, where the top of your keyboard is at a downward slope away from you. This is the proper position to eliminate wrist pronation, one of the causes of typing-related repetitive stress injuries and pain, so we don't recommend using your keyboard tray's positive tilt function. We're not a fan of the legs on the back of many keyboards for this same reason.