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Innovative 9400 Point of Care Arm

item#: IOP208

The Innovative 9400 Point of Care Arm offers incredible reach and flexibility for monitors used in healthcare environments. Measuring over 65'' long, Innovative Point of Care Arms are large enough to be mounted directly behind a patient's bed, while still allowing for the monitor to be adjusted and viewed by medical personnel with ease. A folding design and integrated cable management helps to minimize clutter and stow the arm up and away when not in use.

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The Innovative 9400 Point of Care Arm was designed to be mounted behind a patient's bed with enough reach to allow for both movement of the attached display and ergonomically-friendly viewing from any position. With an arm length of over 65'', the Innovative 9400's jointed design flexes upwards. This lets it quickly fold out of the way to free up valuable space, and built-in cable management helps maintain a clean, organized appearance.

Features -
Innovative 9400 Point of Care Arm

  • Heavy duty 65.7'' folding arm provides unparalleled flexibility with fingertip adjustment
  • Integrated cable management keeps unsightly wires organized
  • 340° monitor rotation allows for easy viewing from nearly any position

Innovative 9400 Point of Care Arm Specifications

Vertical Range 49.3''
Horizontal Range 65.7''
Rotation 340°
Monitor Tilt 60°
Weight Capacity 4 - 18 lbs
Color Pearl white
Warranty 10 years

Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

For bedside monitor arm applications, the Innovative 9400 Point of Care Arm gives medical professionals incredible flexibility when it comes to viewing or displaying important information on a standard monitor. A jointed 68'' arm allows for the Innovative 9400 to be mounted above or behind a patient's bed, providing easy, dynamic movement for changing viewing angles as necessary.

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Innovative 9400 Point of Care Arm

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