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Shimpo Ergokits

For Muscle Strength and Ergonomic Force Testing, we feature Shimpo PT Kits. These kits have just the right tools for the professional Physical Therapist or Ergonomist.

Lightweight, rugged and attractive, these kits are great for Isokinetic testing and job task analysis. Available in two basic models, these PT gauges with ergonomically crafted mechanical and digital designs are easy to operate. In addition, digital units (FGV-PT series kits) are equipped with free software for Force data collection.

Ideal for A.D.A. Compliance, workplace design and ergonomic studies. Shimpo ergokits come complete with either Mechanical or Digital force gauges, for displaying peak compression, tension and real time forces.

These padded cases come with with padded ERGO accessories, adapters and N.I.S.T. traceable certificates of calibration.

Shimpo Ergokit - Javelin Series MF-PT100 and MF-50KG

Shimpo Ergokit - Javelin Series FGV-PT200, FGE-PT200, FGV-PT500 and FGE-PT500

Shimpo Physical Therapy Force Gauge Kits Complete Specifications