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Hoggan Health Ergo Professional Pack EPP

item#: HGN107

The HOGGAN EPP Ergonomic Professional Pack force measurement system offers unmatched flexibility and versatility for force testing of small to heavy duty force measurement testing applications. The EPP combines the digitFET Miniature Push and Pinch Force Gauge, perfect for hand and finger exertion and hard to reach areas, with the ergoFET universal load cell for medium to heavy push and pull force testing.  They work together to meet all your force measurement testing needs.

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Hoggan Health Ergo Professional Pack EPP

The HOGGAN EPP Ergonomic Professional Pack force measurement system is the ultimate combo pack for a variety of ergonomic evaluations and applications.It includes everything you could possibly need to ensure compatibility in a user-friendly set-up for anyone involved in test applications.

The EPP Ergonomic Professional Pak uses ergoPAK Portable Analysis Kit technology and components. The plug and play device hub design allows you to use the digitFET miniature push and pinch gauge and ergoFET Universal Push Pull Load Cell together or separately. You can also build and add to your measurement tool kit by adding other ergoPAK measurement sensors available to provide endless testing possibilities and options.

EPP Testing System Contains:

  • digitFET Miniature Force Gauge's 50 pound capacity, low profile and unobtrusive design make digitFET ideal for smaller force measurements or low force measurement testing
  • ergoFET Universal Push/Pull Load Cell with its 500 pound capacity offers versatility and flexibility unmatched by typical push and pull force gauges, especially for one-hand push or pull force testing
  • Both digitFET Load Cell and ergoFET Universal Load Cell accurately detects and records even subtle changes in force
  • Wireless RF transmission from device hub to wireless interface connected to computer allows for flexibility and easy portability for a variety of testing applications
  • Proprietary software allows you to perform, save, review and analyze test results
  • Graphs produced from test results allow user to view not only peak force, but also any unnecessary and additional overexertion or bottoming out forces that have potential to cause injury to workers on tasks performed; graphs can also be useful for product design analysis and auditing
  • File format of saved tests allow for files to be opened in any spreadsheet or analytical software

EPP Ergonomic Professional Pack Comes with:

  • One digitFET miniature 50 pound capacity compression and pinch force load cell with cable and connector
  • Four test attachments including two attachments for single finger or thumb use, multi-finger test attachment and extension post.
  • One ergoFET 500 lb. capacity push pull load cell with cable and connector.
  • Five ergoFET universal load cell test attachments including one-hand handle, ergonomic dome, #2 hook with clasp, round flat disc and 16 inch strap with D rings
  • Device hub with plug and play design to connect digitFET load cell, ergoFET universal load cell and other measurement sensors
  • Wireless RF receiver connects to computer
  • USB connector cable for wireless receiver
  • Cabled connector cord connect device hub to receiver for non RF testing situations
  • Data collection coftware
  • User manual
  • Product warranty card
  • Calibration certificate
  • Carrying case

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Hoggan Health Ergo Professional Pack EPP

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