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SmartNAV Hands Free Mouse Products

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Are you seeking the perfect hands free solution for your mousing needs? The NaturalPoint SmartNAV offers the perfect answer: a hands free ergonomic mouse for people with carpal tunnel, RSI and other special needs. Increase productivity by simply moving your head to control your computer.

How does the SmartNav work?

The SmartNav reads a reflective dot, either placed on your head, a hat, ring or something else like a mike boom. Simple motions move the mouse cursor. The Smartnav usually sits on top of your monitor, but it can be placed anywhere it can read the reflective accessory you are using.

Less than an inch of head movement is more than enough to make the cursor move across your entire screen, and speed is adjustable using the included software.

There are a number of ways you can "click" with the SmartNav, depending upon which model you purchase. The SmartNav AG offers the most flexibility as you can "click" with a keyboard hot key, one of the optional click switches, with voice clicking or with the included Dwell Click software: it allows you to click by hovering the cursor in a specific spot. The EG does not include the Dwell Click software.

Which SmartNAV Mouse is the one for you?

The SmartNAV4 AT package is your complete computer control solution for those seeking a total hands free mouse alternative such as people with ALS, spinal cord injuries such as quadriplegia, muscular dystrophy and other special needs.

Users seeking the ultimate wrist relief will like the SmartNAV4 EG package as your ultimate ergonomic mouse package, which can alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury as well as any other forms of mouse related trauma. Either version also makes a great head mouse to put yourself into the action in virtual reality video games.

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SmartNAV Accessory Information

For truly hands free mousing, we recommend the Kinesis Savant Elite Foot Switches as highly compatible and versatile products for your SmartNAV AT or EG.