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Whole Body Vibration Exposure Assessment

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It is estimated that in the US alone, more than seven million employees in occupations such as taxi drivers, truck drivers, mining and heavy equipment operators, and pilots are exposed daily to whole body vibration (WBV). Four to seven percent of these employees are thought to be exposed to potentially hazardous levels of vibration. It is well known that these chronic exposures can result in chronic pain and is particularly associated with an elevated incidence of low back pain.

Howard BioTech offers VIBRO-1 to record, log, analyze, and quantify occupational vibration exposures. VIBRO-1 is a unique proprietary hardware/software suite that provides a complete WBV assessment as recommended by ISO 2631. VIBRO-1 meets all WBV assessment needs, from pure academic research to industrial safety evaluations. This system provides the professional with all the information required to completely and accurately quantify WBV exposure. Scroll down to see more whole body vibration assessment features and specifications.

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Express Setup Service

Express setup includes three hours of remote setup and consulting for your whole body vibration assessment system.

SDK Add-On

With this option, the software front end comes with source code (Labview, Matlab, C++), allowing research professionals to alter the vibration measurement system for any specialized or proprietary application system.

The system includes a pre-amplified (ICP) tri-axial seat-pad accelerometer. Connection to the accelerometer is accomplished via a standard USB 2.0 port found on any computer. While the system includes a Netbook computer, any commercially available PC meeting minimum specifications (laptop or desktop) will be capable of collecting multi-hour data streams and generating full exposure analysis. The VIBRO-1 package comes complete with accelerometer, analysis software, user documentation, and unlimited phone support. Onsite training is offered as an additional option.

Whole Body Vibration Exposure Assessment Features

  • Input demographic information about the subject being evaluated, the equipment being analyzed, and other pertinent information to ensure exposure evaluations are complete, consistent, and traceable
  • Control the data collection process completely. The user can select whether the collection process is timed or manual in nature, whether the data is stored in a data file or used for immediate analysis, and whether or not a report is to be generated
  • Perform complete analysis at the click of a mouse. Vibration signal processing includes the calculation of the ISO 2631 defined exposure descriptors: tri-axial frequency weighted (RMS) accelerations, tri-axial frequency weighted peak (PK) accelerations, Tri-axial frequency weighted crest factors (CF), tri-axial frequency weighted vibration dose values (VDV), tri-axial frequency analysis, and tri-axial comparisons to the ISO recommended exposure limits and offers a likelihood of adverse health effects due to the exposure based on the ISO standard
  • Both tri-axial raw data and tri-axial frequency weighted acceleration data files are saved to disk in the ASCII format for easy importation into other programs such as Microsoft Excel or Matlab for the purposes of further data analysis/research

Technical Specifications

Sample frequency 1000 Hz
Resolution 0.0024 g (12 bit)
Sensitivity 300 mV/g
Frequency response 0.5 - 1600 Hz (x,y)
0.5 - 550 Hz
Electrical interface USB 2.0
Data interface USB 2.0
  • Auto-generate complete reports in MS Word (MS Word not included) to be used as stand-alone reports or for incorporation in larger safety reports. Auto-generated reports contain demographic data specific to the investigation of interest, raw data plots, frequency weighed data plots, the ISO exposure descriptors, a graphical comparisons of the exposure to the ISO recommend exposure limits, and frequency analysis tailored to provide further information about the severity of the exposure. All data files and reports can be quickly transferred to an office PC for incorporation in larger safety reports and for long term data storage. The MS Word Template can be edited by the user for total customization of the reporting format

whole body vibration assessment

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Whole Body Vibration Exposure Assessment

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