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Natural Point TrackIR Head Mouse

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Experience video games and virtual reality simulations like never before with the Natural Point TrackIR 5 Virtual Reality Head Mouse.

Natural Point TrackIR mice improve the gaming experience by allowing gamers to become fully immersed in their virtual worlds without the need to use their hands. With TrackIR mice, game views move in a more natural way by following your movements, giving you precise high-resolution control over the look and feel of your video game. Natural Point head mice instantly respond to your head movements to control your cursor, eliminating the need to look down at your mouse or keyboard while playing.

Gamers and virtual reality simulation users will experience whole new worlds with the Natural Point TrackIR 5 Virtual Reality Head Mouse. This head mouse greatly enhances the gaming experience by giving you hands-free control over your games and virtual environments. TrackIR mice work especially well with flight simulators and other cutting edge games and programs. TrackIr mice are easy to set up, use and appreciate.