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Neutral Posture AbChair

item#: NPC322

The Neutral Posture AbChair is a unique ergonomic chair designed to provide support for workers who find themselves in a forward-leaning position for long periods of time. The distinctive cylindrical cushion offers much-needed support when performing tasks such as medical or laboratory work and pivots a full 90° to provide back support when used as a traditional chair. This additional range of movement allows Neutral Posture AbChairs to provide dynamic support, helping to encourage the use of multiple sitting postures and reducing stress when seated for long periods of time.

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The AbRest pillow can be ordered in an easy-to-clean urethane finish, or upholstered to match the seat cushion. Please note that the urethane AbRest is required for AbChairs built to Cleanroom Class 100 requirements.

The Neutral Posture AbChair has two AbRest upholstery options.

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Three seat types are available for the AbRest, offering varying amounts of contour. A urethane seat is also available for ease of cleaning.

The Neutral Posture AbChair has three seat style options.

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Neutral Posture AbChairs are built to order and are available in a number of vibrant colors. Vinyl upholstery is ideal for use in hospitals and laboratories or similar environments, while ESD Stat-Con Vinyl fabric is highly recommended for ESD applications.

Grade 1


Neutral Posture Spacer fabric

Grade 2


Neutral Posture Ace fabric

Metro Woven Crypton

ESD Stat-Con Vinyl

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Four durable caster options are available for the AbChair, improving ease of control when the chair is in use.

  • Hard floor casters
  • Glides
  • Hard floor casters (locked while seated)
  • Hard floor casters (locked while empty)

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The AbChair is available with three styles of base, allowing you to choose a style that best fits your workstation's needs.

  • 26'' black base (standard)
  • 28'' brushed aluminum base
  • 22'' black base

The Neutral Posture AbChair has three bases of various sizes to accommodate different workplace needs.

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A standard 5'' cylinder provides easy height adjustment for the AbChair. For users in need of a stool configuration for taller workstations, an 8'' cylinder can be used in conjunction with a footring or NeXtep for a taller height range.

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Cleanroom Compliance

When built to Cleanroom Class 100 requirements, the AbChair is built with in-seat HEPA filtration and vinyl upholstery to prevent particular release. Please note that a urethane AbRest must be used with Cleanroom Class 100-compliant chairs.

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The AbChair can be built with ESD-safe materials for use in sensitive areas. These specialized materials help to minimize the risk of electrostatic discharge and can help compliment an existing ESD system when used in conjunction with ESD Stat-Con Vinyl or ESD Static upholstery.

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Footring or NeXtep

When ordered with a stool-height cylinder, the AbChair can be ordered with a traditional 18" black plastic footring, a 20'' chrome footring, or Neutral Posture's sturdy NeXtep platform. The AbChair is compatible with 8'' tall and 10'' tall NeXtep platforms.

The Neutral Posture AbChair is offered with multiple footring types.

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Designed for unique work environments and medical conditions that require a forward-leaning sitting posture, the Neutral Posture AbChair features a rotating cylindrical cushion to support you while in a forward position. This cushion can be adjusted into four positions, each varying in depth and height. When not used as an abdominal support, the cushion can be used as a backrest as well. Multiple seat style options also help to adapt the AbChair to different users and working environments, and a thickly padded cushion helps to disperse weight and provide comfort for extended use.

Features - Neutral Posture AbChair

  • Padded AbRest pillow pivots into four positions
  • Passive weight dispersion design minimizes pressure points while seated
  • Urethane pillow and seat cushion options allow for use in cleanrooms and ESD-sensitive environments
  • Seat tilt angle and depth are adjustable to accommodate most users
  • Multiple seat designs provide customizable fit

Neutral Posture AbChair Specifications

Overall dimensions 28'' W x 28'' D x 37'' H
Seat width 22'' W (medium seat)
19'' W (urethane seat)
23'' W (medium contoured seat)
Seat height 21'' - 26'' H (medium seat)
20'' - 24'' H (urethane seat)
22'' - 27'' H (medium contoured seat)
Seat depth 17'' D (medium seat)
16'' D (urethane seat)
18'' D (medium contoured seat)
Seat angle -1° to 16°
Warranty Lifetime warranty

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The Neutral Posture AbChair is an excellent option for laboratory seating.

Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

While we generally recommend sitting in a chair with a slight back recline to relax the back muscles and support the spine, some occupations require a forward-leaning posture for efficient work. The Neutral Posture AbChair offers support for both forward-leaning and standard sitting postures, thanks to a rotating cushion that can be placed in front of the body for support in medical, industrial or scientific applications, and can be rotated back to act as a back support when needed. Additionally, multiple seat cushion styles and upholstery options are available, allowing the AbChair be used in the office, clinic or cleanroom.

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Neutral Posture AbChair

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