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Office Master Discovery Executive DB96 Chair

item#: OFM004

The Office Master Discovery Executive DB96 Chair features a unique ergonomic back design that helps create a more natural, comfortable posture. The Discovery Executive DB96 Chair’s "pear-shaped" back was crafted to ensure that the user’s shoulder blades rest further back than usual, encouraging a greater freedom of motion. The Discovery Executive DB96 is highly configurable, and it features a Tapered Discovery Back with memory foam, a seat slider, and a Double Comfort seat.

Office Master has discontinued this item.
The Office Master Patriot PA59 Executive Chair is a great replacement.

Office Master Paramount Value PT78 Chair
List Price: $595.00
Our Price: $387.00
Office Master Yes Mesh Executive YS78 Chair
List Price: $483.00
Our Price: $313.95
Office Master 24-Seven Intensive Use IU76HD Chair
List Price: $777.00
Our Price: $506.00

For full information on this product, please visit the Notrax 417 Bubble Sof-tred Anti-Fatigue Mat main page.

Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

''Scapular impedance'' is not the name of my favorite Star Trek episode, and no, it's not the name of the new ergonomic alt-rock band I'm thinking of getting started. It's a bad ergonomic habit and there's a pretty good chance you may be guilty of doing it. Most chairs with ''normal'' back rests force you to scrunch your shoulders forward, which over prolonged sitting sessions can be the cause of some serious strain. Office Master's Discovery Executive DB96 Chair aims to fix that with its unique ''pear-shaped'' back rest design that tapers away from the scapular region. This way, without the interference that can be caused by a full back, the human body will revert to good posture and those shoulders will naturally slide back, lessening the risk of long-term upper torso pain.

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Office Master Discovery Executive DB96 Chair

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