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Hand Grip & Pinch Grip Dynamometers
by Jamar and Baseline

These dynamometers by Jamar and Baseline will enable you to measure gross isometric power grip force and tip or three point pinch strength. Recommended for ergonomic assessments, physical therapy testing, and safety measurement needs.

Jamar 3-piece Dynamometer Set

Baseline 200lb. Hand Dynamometer 12-0255

Baseline 200 lb. Hand Dynamometer (12-0240)

Baseline Hydraulic 50 lb. Pinch Gauge with Case 12-0235

Jamar 200 lb. Hand Dynamometer with Case 12-0600

Baseline Mechanical Pinch Gauges

Baseline 200 lb. Hi-Res Large Head Hand Dynamometer without Case 12-0257

Jamar 50 lb. Hydraulic Pinch Gauge 12-0601

Baseline 300 lb. Hand Dynamometer 12-0247

Baseline 3-piece Hand Evaluation Set (12-0112)

Baseline 300 lb. Transducer 12-0248

Baseline 7-piece Evaluation Set 12-0113

Touch-Test 2 Point Discriminator

Baseline Wartenburg Pinwheel 12-1450