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FLIR E-Series Infrared Cameras E40, E50 & E60

item#: EXT133

FLIR E-Series Infrared Cameras deliver value and performance in a point-and-shoot thermal imaging camera. These cameras take pictures at up to 76,800 pixel (320 x 240) resolution, superior for a point-and-shoot line. Their large 3.5" touchscreen has an intuitive user interface. The E-Series also takes visible light photographs for reference. Using WiFi apps for Android or iPhone, images can be quickly uploaded to a mobile device to create reports. With a wide array of features and a range of different price points, a FLIR E-Series Thermal Imaging Camera can fit into many different infrared inspection programs as well as budgets.

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Model - FLIR E-Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

Three models of thermal imaging IR camera are available. Any of the three models may also come configured for building inspection applications at no additional charge.


  E40 E50 E60
Resolution (px) 160 x 120 240 x 180 320 x 240
Total pixels 19,200 43,200 76,800
Thermal sensitivity (°C) < 0.07 < 0.05 < 0.05
Temperature Range -4°F - +1202°F
-20°C - +650°C
-4°F - +1202°F
-20°C - +650°C
-4°F - +1202°F
-20°C - +650°C
Zoom 2x continuous digital 4x continuous digital 4x continuous digital
Uncooled microbolometer Yes Yes Yes
Video camera resolution (MP) 3.1 3.1 3.1
Picture in picture Fixed Scalable Scalable
Laser spot Yes Yes Yes
Moveable spots 3 3 3
Box areas 3 3 3
Delta T Yes Yes Yes
Voice Yes Yes Yes
Text Yes Yes Yes
Radiometric JPG to SD CARD Yes Yes Yes
MPEG4 video recording Yes Yes Yes
WiFi to Apple &
Android mobile devices
Yes Yes Yes
MeterLink Yes Yes Yes
InstantReport     Yes
FLIR Tools Yes Yes Yes
Dual-bay charger &
spare battery


NIST Calibration - FLIR E-Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

Your FLIR E-Series Thermal Imaging IR Camera can ship with a certificate of NIST calibration. This option adds five business days to the lead time.


Lens - FLIR E-Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

All cameras ship with a 25° lens. Two additional lenses may be ordered as well:

  • 15° telephoto lens (f = 30 mm)
  • 45° wide angle lens (f = 10 mm)


Battery Charger - FLIR E-Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

Model E60 cameras include a dual port battery charger standard. For all other models, you may order this charger.


Battery - FLIR E-Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

Model E60 ships with two Li-Ion batteries. All other models include a single battery. Add an additional battery here.


Tripod Adapter - FLIR E-Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

Order this adapter to use your thermal imaging camera with a tripod.


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Our Price: $109.99
Extech 42530 Wide Range IR Thermometer
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FLIR E-Series Infrared Cameras come in several varieties. These feature increasing resolutions and thermal sensitivities, as well as added features like digital zoom, Bluetooth linking to clamp and moisture meters, MSX thermal image enhancement, and picture in picture overlay of thermal and digital images. The devices capture video as well as still images. Some models can generate an instant PDF report onsite from the camera. An included laser pointer allows you to pinpoint a reference spot and aligns a marker to it on the image for precise detection.

Features -
FLIR E-Series Infrared Camera

  • High-resolution thermal imaging
  • Convenient digital camera
  • Large touchscreen interface
  • WiFi connectivity to mobile devices
  • Perpetual battery operation with spare battery
  • Instant PDF report generation on site (optional)
  • Scalable picture in picture and thermal fusion
  • MSX thermal image enhancement labels key visual details on thermal picture

Technical Specifications

Accuracy ± 2% or 2° C
Focus Manual
Color LCD
320 x 240 px
Video out Composite
Frame rate 60 Hz
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery charge time 4 hours
(including lens)
1.82 lbs
0.825 kg
Lens 25°
Warranty* Detector: 10 years
Battery: 5 years
Parts & labor: 2 years

* Extended warranty coverage is available. Contact us for options and pricing.

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FLIR E-Series Infrared Cameras

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FLIR E-Series Infrared Cameras E40, E50 & E60

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