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Mark-10 BG Series Premium Force Gauges

item#: MKT023

The Mark-10 Series BG Digital Force Gauge is an advanced force measurement solution with sophisticated measurement capabilities, data outputs, computer control capabilities and a long list of features and configurable settings. The Mark-10 BG can stop motorized test stand travel at user-selectable set points, and it can also prevent force overload when used with the ESM motorized test stand. Go/no go testing can also be accomplished with an optional plug-in hi/lo limits indicator. Optional MESURgauge software can be used to tabulate, graph and analyze your data. Scroll down for more Mark 10 BG features and specifications.

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Mark 10 Manual Test Stand TSB100
List Price: $795.00
Our Price: $755.00
Mark-10 ESM303 Programmable Test Stand with PC Control
List Price: $2,895.00
Our Price: $2,750.25
Mark-10 Test Stands Models ES10 and ES20
List Price: $495.00
Our Price: $470.00

All Mark-10 series BG force gauges are supplied in a cushioned carrying case with AC adapter, rechargeable battery, chisel, cone, v-groove, hook, flat, extension rod, user manual and a NIST certificate of calibration.

Mark-10 BG Series Premium Force Gauge Features

  • The BG is compatible with all Mark-10 force measurement test stands. It is shown here in a tensile testing application, mounted to an ESM motorized test stand with optional items: digital travel display, limit switches and wedge grips.
  • RS-232, Mitutoyo and analog outputs
  • GCL-Gauge Control Language for full computer control
  • Automatic timed output on RS-232
  • Dual set points with outputs
  • Averaging mode for average readings over time
  • External trigger for contact or switch testing and data capture
  • General purpose I/O for external device control
  • Programmable analog and digital filters
  • Selectable units of measurement
  • Programmable default configuration
  • Peak memory for tensile and compressive forces
  • Push-button calibration
  • Battery or AC operation
  • Programmable automatic shutoff
  • Reversible aluminum housing for handheld use or test stand mounting (see below)
  • Same housing size for all capacities
  • Accuracy: � 0.2% of full scale �1 digit
  • Safe overload: 150% of capacity
  • Battery life: 8-10 hours per charge
  • Weight: 0.9 lbs (0.4 kg)
  • Environmental requirements: 40°F - 100°F [5°C - 45°C], <96% humidity (non-condensating)
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • CE mark

Model Includes:

  • Chisel
  • Cone
  • V-groove
  • Hook
  • Flat
  • Extension

Technical Specifications

Accuracy �0.2% of full scale �1 digit
Power AC or rechargeable battery with Intelligent Power Management System (IPM), a 3-step system that warns the user via a �LO BAT� indicator and then powers off the gauge
Battery life 8-10 hours of continuous use
Selectable units of measurement lbF, N, kg/g (depending on model)
  • RS-232: Fully configurable up to 9600 baud. Includes Gauge Control Language (GCL) for full computer control of all functions
  • Mitutoyo (digimatic): Serial BCD suitable for all Mitutoyo SPC-compatible devices
  • Analog: �1 VCD, �0.25% of full scale at capacity. + for compression, - for tension
  • General purpose I/O: Three open collector outputs and one input (utilizing Mituyo lines)
  • Set points: Three open collector lines (utilizing Mituyo lines)
Configurable settings Analog filter, digital filters, RS-232, outputs selection (other than RS-232), automatic output (RS-232), automatic shutoff, initial (default), averaging mode, calibration
Safe overload 150% of full scale (display shows �----� at 110% and above)
Weight (gauge only) BG012 - BG200: 0.95 lb [0.4 kg], BG500: 1.12 lb [0.5 kg]
Environmental requirements 40� F - 100�F [5�C - 45�C], <96% humidity (non-condensating)
Thermal effects Zero: 0.03% of full scale/�C, Span: 0.01% of full scale/�C
Housing construction aluminum
Warranty 3 years (see individual statement for further details)

Mark-10 BG Series Premium Force Gauges

Optional Equipment

  • A wide range of test stands and gripping fixtures
  • MESURgauge Software - tabulates and plots load vs. time or load vs. travel; it also calculates statistics, exports to Excel and more
  • Output cables - Send test data to a PC, statistical printer or other data collector for further analysis
  • RS-232 to USB adapter - Converts RS-232 to USB output and includes USB cable and installation CD
  • Set point cable - Stops test stand travel at programmable high and low set points for tension and compression forces for use with Mark-10 motorized test stands
  • Hi / lo limits indicator - Set limit conditions for a test; the indicator will display red lights for high and low limits and a green light to indicate passing
  • Overload protection module - Protects the force gauge against overloads during motorized tests, adjustable from 20 - 110% of gauge's full capacity for use with Mark-10 motorized test stands

Reversible Housing: A Mark-10 Exclusive

All Mark-10 force gauges have reversible housings that allow the user to use the gauge with the load cell shaft pointing up or down without the inconvenience of upside-down buttons and display. The housing for Series BG gauges is reversible by separating the two halves and reassembling them with just one connector. An extra bit of engineering that will make your testing setups quicker and more efficient.


Mark-10 BG Series gauges dimensions

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Mark-10 BG Series Premium Force Gauges

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