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Shimpo Force Gauges

Shimpo offers a range of digital gauges to suit every application from very low capacities (0.5 pounds) to high capacities (1,000 pounds). Model features range from the very simple (no computer outputs) to highly sophisticated units that provide memory, a variety of outputs and the ability to compute statistics. Shimpo force gauges are known for outstanding accuracy, exceptional construction and dependability.

Shimpo MF Mechanical Force Gauge

Shimpo FG-3000 Digital Force Gauge

Shimpo FG-7000 Digital Force Gauge

Shimpo FGV-XY Dart 2.0 Force Gauge

Shimpo Javelin FGE Force Gauge FGE-XY or FGE-500HXY for Push/Pull or Compression/Tension Testing

Shimpo Javelin FGV-HXY Force Gauges for Push/Pull or Compression/Tension Testing

Shimpo FGV-X ''Dart'' Digital Force Gauge 0.5 to 100 lb Capacity

Shimpo Ergokits

Handles and Attachments

Manual Test Stands

Extech N.I.S.T. Certificate for Extech Force Gauge

Motorized Test Stands

Shimpo Toriemon Force Gauge Software

Shimpo Force Gauges Specifications and Operating Manuals