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Shimpo TNP Series Digital Torque Meter

item#: SMP072

Shimpo TNP Series Digital Torque Meters offer precision measurement of open/close torque values in laboratory or industrial applications. The Shimpo TNP Series Digital Torque Meter can be used to measure cap torque in order to determine bottle closure and breakaway torque values, then store up to 1,000 measurements that can be used to determine minimum/maximum and average values. During large batch tests, a built in HI-LO comparator feature can be used to ensure quality control. Recorded values can be viewed on the LCD display or exported to a computer via USB for additional analysis with the included Digitorq software, which exports measurement data into a Microsoft Excel-compatible format.

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Shimpo TNP Series Digital Torque Meters are offered in four different models to provide various measurement ranges. The measurement units and range of each model is listed below.

Model and Capacity

TNP-0.5 0 - 500.0 mNm 0 - 50.00 Ncm 0 - 5099 gcm 0 - 4.425 lbin
TNP-2 0 - 2.00 Nm 0 - 200.0 Ncm 0 - 20.39 Kgcm 0 - 17.70 lbin
TNP-5 0 - 5.00 Nm 0 - 500.0 Ncm 0 - 50.99 Kgcm 0 - 44.25 lbin
TNP-10 0 - 10.00 Nm 0 - 1000 Ncm 0 - 102.0 Kgcm 0 - 88.5 lbin


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Additional Torque Pins

The torque pins or "chuck pins" attached to the Shimpo TNP Digital Torque Meter can be easily swapped out for replacement or to accommodate different diameters. A set of 50mm torque pins can be ordered to supplement the existing 30mm pins if desired.

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NIST Certification

For departments that require NIST calibration as part of their ISO certification, TNP Torque Meters can be certified according to NIST standards for an additional charge.

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The Shimpo TNP Series Digital Torque Meter provides laboratory-quality torque force measurements in a portable, easy-to-use package featuring replaceable chuck pins to accommodate multiple diameters. Designed for cap torque analysis of items such as bottle caps and gearboxes, TNP Series Torque Meters are capable of storing up to 1,000 readings in Ncm, mNm, gcm, or lbin and exporting data via USB to the free Digitorq software for analysis and graphing on Microsoft Excel. Measurements can be taken in Average, Peak Opening and Peak Closing modes, in either clockwise or counterclockwise directions. Batch testing can also be expedited thanks to the built-in HI-GO-LO comparator feature, which utilizes pre-programmed torque tolerances to ensure uniformity. With an intuitive interface offering accurate results, Shimpo TNP Series Torque Meters are perfect for torque testing in both the lab and the shop.

Features -
Shimpo TNP Series Digital Torque Meter

  • Compact, heavy duty design with internal rechargeable batteries offers portability and durability
  • Built-in memory stores up to 1,000 readings
  • Removable chuck pins quickly adjust test diameter size
  • Large LCD display provides clear torque value readouts
  • PC USB connectivity outputs data to Digitorq software (free, available on manufacturer's website) for analysis and graphing in Microsoft Excel
  • Meter features Average, Peak Opening and Peak Closing value measuring modes in clockwise or counterclockwise directions
  • Red/Green HI-GO-LO LED comparator speeds up batch testing by responding to user-programmed tolerances

Shimpo TNP Series Digital Torque Meter Specifications

Accuracy ±0.5% full scale
Power Auto-ranging AC adapter or rechargeable NiMH battery
Battery Rechargeable NiMH
8 hour battery life on full charge
Selectable units of measurement Nm, Ncm, Kgcm, lbin
Safe overload 150% of full scale, displays "OVR" on LCD with blinking LED
Weight TNP-0.5, TNP-2, TNP-5: 17.62 lbs (8 kg)
TNP-10: 27.53 lbs (12.5 kg)
Warranty 2 years

Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

Small enough to go from the shop floor to the lab with ease, Shimpo TNP Series Digital Torque Meters provide rapid, accurate bottle closure and breakaway torque measurements accurate to within ±0.5% F.S. With large batches, a Shimpo TNP Series Digital Torque Meter can be used to speed up testing with its built in "HI-GO-LO" LED comparator, making it ideal for determining baseline torque values and ensuring uniformity on subsequent test items.

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Shimpo TNP Series Digital Torque Meter

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