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A high quality chair, a height-adjustable desk, and an adjustable keyboard tray and monitor arm are all essential components of an ergonomic office, and Humanscale makes some of the best ergonomic products around.

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Humanscale Ergonomic Products

Ergonomic chairs like the Freedom and Liberty feature intuitive, knob-free adjustment. This automatic and dynamic adjustment conforms to your body and movement, helping you avoid prolonged static postures while promoting active sitting and better blood flow.

The Humanscale Float Table is a sturdy, adjustable sit-stand table for those looking for an ergonomic standing desk that is electricity free. Humanscale Keyboard Trays feature high quality parts and facilitate easy adjustment of your keyboard and mouse. Humanscale Monitor Arms give you fingertip monitor height and depth adjustment, getting your screen where it needs to be to prevent eye, neck and shoulder strain. From desk accessories like CPU Holders and Task Lights down to rocking Foot Machines that promote circulation and provide comfortable foot support, Humanscale carries just about every ergonomic accessory you'll need.

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Humanscale Warranty Information

The Human Solution and Humanscale assure total customer satisfaction. The following information applies to all Humanscale products:

The following warranty is in lieu of all other warranties express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and all other warranties arising from course of dealing or usage of trade. Humanscale offers the following warranties on its products:

  • 15 Years, 24/7 Warranty: All seating and other products detailed in a current Humanscale Price Guide, unless otherwise specified
  • 10 Years, 24/7 Warranty: M4, M7 & M8 Monitor Arms with Gas Cylinder Components, Element Light, Including Light Source
  • 5 Years, Single-Shift Warranty: Fabric/Cushions/Arm Pads
  • 5 Years, 24/7 Warranty: Float Table, Excluding Tabletop
  • 1 Year, 24/7 Warranty: Switch Mouse
  • 1 Year, Single-Shift Warranty: CFL Light Bulbs
  • No Warranty: Customer's Own Material (COM, COL)

This Warranty is applicable to the initial purchaser only and is nontransferable. If products are procured through authorized Humanscale Dealerships, the end-user customer must be registered with Humanscale for the warranty to be in effect. Humanscale warrants that, at the time of customer's receipt, the product will be in good working order and will be free from defects in material and workmanship. This Warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear or damage caused by accident, neglect, misuse or improper installation or operation. Humanscale will not be responsible for damage due to service, maintenance, modifications or tampering by anyone other than a Humanscale authorized representative. In the event a product is defective and Humanscale receives written notice of the defect within the Warranty period, Humanscale, at its option, will either repair or replace the defective product. This Warranty does not cover damage caused by a carrier or transportation of the product from one location to another, or alterations made by owner.

Shop Smart: Shop Authorized and Protect Your Investment

The Human Solution is an authorized Humanscale reseller. All manufacturers sign a contractual agreement with their dealers that require dealers to uphold a specific code of behavior that provides for quality support both before and after the sale of their products, including warranty support. Humanscale authorized dealers must meet high quality standards for customer service, product selection and business ethics. This policy includes:

  • A brand new product guarantee: Humanscale authorized dealers are prohibited from selling or marketing used, refurbished or renewed Humanscale products
  • Full coverage by Humanscale's 15-year manufacturer warranty
  • On-site product service in 12 major cities and nationwide warranty support

What do you lose by purchasing a Humanscale product from a non-authorized source?

  • While some unauthorized sellers may have their own warranty, it is usually very limited in scope, often as short as 30 days. The warranty is only as good as the dealer who backs it; if they go out of business, your warranty is gone with them.
  • Humanscale assigns serial numbers to every chair they manufacturer - this record details the original purchaser and ensures the 15-year warranty is only valid for the original purchaser. You cannot purchase replacement parts, pads or fabric without the serial number. Additionally if your chair breaks, you cannot get it repaired.
  • Humanscale chairs are rated to 300 pounds and a 40 hour work week. If a refurbished chair has seen more use than this, its lifetime will be shortened.
  • When comparing dealers and pricing, read the description thoroughly. As all authorized dealers are subject to the same minimum advertised pricing, any dealer with a lower price should be suspect.


Humanscale Float Tables

Designed by the same innovators who dreamed up the Humanscale Freedom Chair and the Diffrient World Chair, the Humanscale Float Table operates on the same core principles: sound ergonomics blended with simplicity and beautiful aesthetics. The standard pneumatic Humanscale Float Table combines the ease of adjustment and sturdy frame you'd find on an electric height adjustable desk with a hidden crossbar design and the convenience of a electricity-free adjustment. The Float Table is also available with a quick and quiet electric drive for adjustment at the touch of a button, the Humanscale eFloat Electric Standing Desk.

Using a standing desk is a great way to burn calories and stay active and healthy, even while you're working! According to a recent study, you can burn 50 calories per hour just by standing while you work. Standing for part of your work day also lets you fight the harmful long-term health impacts of sitting too much. So what are you waiting for? Get healthy by escaping the sitting cycle for good with the Humanscale Float Table.

Humanscale Chairs

Humanscale offers a wide range of seating solutions for the home or office. Unlike many ergonomic chairs, Humanscale Chairs are designed to operate on a principle of simplicity. Humanscale chairs intuitively adjust to fit the user, rather than using knobs and levers. With few mechanisms to adjust, getting a Humanscale to a comfortable position is as simple as sitting in one. Humanscale office and executive chairs feature award-winning technology and combine incredible comfort with sleek, contemporary style. In addition, Humanscale chairs are manufactured in the USA.

There are many reasons why Humanscale Chairs are so popular, including their modern styling and ease of use. But above all, they are known for comfort. Humanscale Chairs are built with a dynamic system of seat and back movement that allows you to change positions while maintaining a proper ergonomic angle. This enables workers to sit for longer, more productive periods and feel better at the end of the day.

Humanscale Freedom Chairs

The brainchild of renowned designer Niels Diffrient, Humanscale Freedom Chairs have superb functional design which offers responsive, high-quality ergonomic support without the use of adjustment knobs or levers. Available with or without headrest and offering a wide selection of arm styles and fabrics, you can customize the perfect chair for you. Every factory-sealed Humanscale Freedom Chair from The Human Solution comes with Humanscale's 15-year manufacturer warranty, an offer exclusive to authorized dealers. Humanscale chairs are manufactured in the USA. We also sell Freedom Chair Replacement Parts if you need to repair or upgrade your chair.

  • Articulating Headrest: Freedom chairs are available with a headrest option, which moves with you as you adjust your recline. The headrest also features 5'' of height adjustment.
  • Synchronous Armrests: Freedom arms are attached to the back of the chair, providing even height adjustment. Arms move with you as you recline, giving you continuous support and comfort.
  • Self Adjusting Recline: With no bulky mechanisms in the Freedom's design, there is no need for manual adjustments. Instead, the chair responds to your body weight for the perfect recline support.
  • Customization: Choose a gel or standard seat, arm options, frame finish, and one of many fabric or leather upholstery choices to make the Freedom chair your own.

Humanscale Freedom Saddle Seats

The Humanscale Freedom Saddle Seat offers mobility, support and comfort as well as a contoured cushion design that encourages you to sit in a "saddle" position for better posture. From Humanscale, the makers of the popular Freedom Chair and Liberty Chair, the Saddle Seat is ideal for office, lab or workshop settings where mobility is key.

The Humanscale Saddle Seat is a unique, contoured triangle seat design helps to lower the thighs and open up the hips to place the spine in a healthier lordotic curve a position that will benefit those who work in collaborative workspaces and desire fluid mobility when seated. The contoured seat design accommodates a wide range of users and provides excellent pressure distribution to help prevent fatigue and to increase comfort. Humanscale chairs are Manufactured in the USA.

The Humanscale Freedom Saddle Seats and the Humanscale Freedom Pony Saddle Seats are specially designed to offer a contoured comfortable seat that helps promote a healthier sitting position. These ergonomic stools are available in a variety of colors and fabrics to match your office, or home workspace. You can also choose from four different base colors, including graphite, titanium, polished aluminum with graphite trim, and polished aluminum with titanium trim.

The Saddle Seat and the Pony Saddle Seat are also available with high cylinders (20.5 - 28.5 inch seat height) and extra high cylinders (23 - 33 inch seat height) in addition to the standard cylinder configuration (17.5 - 22.75 inch seat height). You can also choose to outfit your Saddle Seat or Pony Saddle Seat with standard casters, soft casters for hard floors, non-rolling glides for fixed location use, or locking casters for the extra high cylinder.

Humanscale Liberty Chairs

The Humanscale Liberty Chair represents an evolutionary leap in the ergonomic mesh chair market. Unlike most mesh chairs, the Liberty Chair back was crafted with multiple panels of supportive structural mesh instead of single panel mesh. This creates a flexible, three-dimensional form to better match the contour of your lumbar back and provide instant, superior support for the upper and lower back.

The Liberty Chair offers strong lumbar support that automatically fits you, eliminating the need for a hand-adjusted lumbar support pad. The mesh does not require external lumbar due to the fact that it doesn’t stretch like other meshes. There are three mesh pieces sewn together to create an ergonomic lumbar contour that aligns with the users back. It feels like a suit that is tailored to your back. The Liberty's intuitive features do not stop there. Please continue to explore the ergonomic benefits, features and options with the product pages below. Humanscale chairs are Manufactured in the USA.

Much like the Humanscale Freedom Chair, the Humanscale Liberty Chair is free of knobs, levers or locks and instead benefits users with an automatic counter-balance recline system that automatically provides the right amount of recline tension for your body and a virtual lock that conforms to your body movements.The Liberty Chair moves with you and adjusts instantly to suit your body and your needs, leaving you free to focus on your work.

With its automatic adjustments, padded seat cushion, supportive back, and flexible frame, the Humanscale Liberty Chair offers a wide range of users an intelligent, functional, and comfortable ergonomic seating solution from one of the most reliable brands on the market.

Humanscale Diffrient World Chairs

The Humanscale Diffrient World Chair blends modern, minimalistic design with high-end ergonomic comfort. The World Chair works with your posture, body weight and type to provide customized comfort and intuitive recline and adjustment features. Users will find that the World Chair's form-sensing mesh delivers strong lumbar support exactly where they need it without the need for an adjustable lumbar support pad. The Diffrient World Chair is available in an all mesh model as well as a mesh and fabric model. Humanscale chairs are Manufactured in the USA.

With the Humanscale Diffrient World Chair award-winning designer Niels Diffrient has crafted an innovative and versatile ergonomic task chair that offers personalized comfort and support to a wide range of users. The World Chair from Humanscale features form-sensing mesh that conforms to the user's body and provides customized lumbar support and an intuitive recline system that is free of locks, paddles or levers. Humanscale's latest task chair also has fewer moving parts than most chairs, making it less likely to break and lowering the cost of maintenance.

Humanscale Adjustable Height Desks

Humanscale first entered the height-adjustable desk market with the pneumatic Humanscale Float Table, their sleek, electricity-free sit-stand table with easy, fingertip adjustment. Its crossbar-free design and unique counterbalance mechanism make changing from sitting to standing a breeze. The Humanscale eFloat Electric Standing Desk then took that popular design and added an electric drive, making it even easier to go from sitting to standing. Humanscale products are some of our most popular and well-made ergonomic products, and this excellence continues with their foray into adjustable height desks.

Humanscale Keyboard Trays

Humanscale keyboard trays are some of the most durable and most configurable articulating keyboard trays we offer. Humanscale keyboard tray systems feature a variety of platform shapes and sizes, mousing platforms, track lengths and mechanisms to fit your body's particular specifications and needs, as well as those of the desk to which you're mounting it and the keyboard and mouse you are using. And since each component of the system works with any other part, you can always replace one component if your needs change, instead of replacing the entire system.

Our most popular Humanscale keyboard tray systems are the Humanscale 900 Tray, with separate keyboard and mouse platforms, and the Humanscale 500 Big Board Tray, with one wide platform for all your input devices. Other models include systems like the Humanscale 100 or Humanscale 300, with platforms for curved or natural-shaped keyboards, as well as corner desk solutions like the Humanscale 700. We even stock standard configurations for same-day or next-day shipment. A keyboard tray is an essential part of an ergonomic workstation, and with this many options, it's a breeze to find a Humanscale keyboard tray that's right for you. Humanscale keyboard trays are Manufactured in the USA.

Other Humanscale Accessories

Your eyes and posture will fare better if your monitor screen is at eye level, and monitor arms allow you to position your monitor while saving valuable desk space. Humanscale Monitor Arms are easily adjustable, very configurable, high quality and aesthetically pleasing. Our own Certified Professional Ergonomist picked the Humanscale M8 Monitor Arm as the best in class for heavy duty monitor arms.

No ergonomic workstation can be considered complete without proper lighting. Lighting isn't only about function; it's also about comfort, style, longevity, and great design. That's why we offer Humanscale's line of ergonomic task lamps. Humanscale LED task lamps are bright, energy efficient, and they last longer than fluorescent and incandescent lights. LEDs lamps also provide spot-specific, one shadow lighting to your work area without the need for a shade.

A foot rest may seem like such a little thing, but studies have shown that 70% of all women and 40% of all men have health issues including blood clots, varicose veins and pressure on the Achilles tendon due to the pooling of fluids in the lower extremities. This is the result of prolonged, inactive sitting. The Humanscale Foot Machines offers a measure of prevention as well as relief for current sufferers by providing a rocking footrest, improving circulation while providing support and relieving pressure on the lower back. No ergonomically healthy workstation is complete without a Humanscale foot machine.

Corner sleeves allow you to reclaim valuable desk space that is lost when two right edges converge, as on an L-shaped desk, and can also provide for a convenient location for your keyboard tray.

If you spend hours each day on your laptop, an ergonomically healthy Humanscale laptop holder is a must. Each Humanscale Laptop Holder allows you to adjust the display to eye level and requires the use of external mouse and keyboard, encouraging a healthy posture and comfort, without compromising the portability of your laptop computer.

Eliminate neck and eye strain by using one of Humanscale's document or copy holders to position your papers directly in front of you. Some models also offer convenient document storage.

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