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Back Nodger Self Massager

item#: PRS134

The design of the Back Nodger Self Massager allows for quick and easy relief of painful knots and tense muscles all over your body. Designed to mimic the thumbs of a masseuse, Back Nodger Self Massagers apply deep pressure against muscle knots with extreme precision in normally hard-to-reach areas. The Nodger features two Nodge Head massage points and a reinforced steel body with a comfortable non-slip foam handle, letting you relieve pressure like a pro after a long day of work.

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The Back Nodger Self Massager uses a unique deep pressure head and a hooked shape to allow you to easily reach tense muscles in hard-to-reach places. A raised Locator Spot on the face of the Nodge Head lets you find knots you normally wouldn't be able to reach as well as apply pressure directly where you need it most. With a reinforced steel frame and comfort grip non-slip handle that allow you to apply as much pressure as you need in comfort, the Back Nodger Self Massager is a simple, intuitive way to help relax your back, neck and shoulder muscles no matter where you are.

Features - Back Nodger Self Massager

  • Unique Nodge Head with raised Locator Spot provides accurate deep tissue massage
  • Lightweight reinforced steel frame allows for strong pressure applications
  • Soft foam non-slip handle ensures a comfortable grip and consistent compressions
  • Nodge Tail direct application point directs intense pressure against muscle knots within easy reach

Back Nodger Self Massager Specifications

Length 16''
Hook width 7''
Nodge Head width 0.5''
Material Reinforced steel with non-slip foam handle
Warranty 1 year

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Back Nodger Self Massager

Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

We can all use a little massage once in a while, and the Back Nodger Self Massager lets you de-stress your tense back, neck or shoulders whether you're at the office or at home. The simple hook and "Nodge Head" design lets you find and feel tense muscle knots that you normally would be unable to reach with your hands. Once a muscle knot is found, the reinforced steel frame and non-slip handle allow you to accurately apply deep, targeted pressure against the muscle, relieving tension almost instantly as oxygenated blood rushes to the tissue and relieves the muscle contraction.

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Back Nodger Self Massager

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