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Steelcase Kybun Footpad

item#: STC215

The Steelcase Kybun Footpad is an ideal choice for the person that wants to add more movement to their workday quickly and easily. Incredibly durable, the Steelcase Kybun Mat helps counteract some of the chronic health issues that can result from sedentary work styles. By simply encouraging the user to stand, the footpad offers a wealth of health benefits, from increasing blood flow to helping burn calories. Conveniently adding yet another means by which to lead a healthier life, the Steelcase Kybun Footpads work well for home or office use. Scroll down to view all the features and specifications for the Steelcase Kybun Footpad.

Steelcase has discontinued this item.
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The Steelcase Kybun Footpad brings a new level of comfort and convenience to the user that likes to stand up and move throughout their busy day. Easy to use and durable, the Steelcase Kybun Footpads gives the busy user their own personal anti-fatigue mat and work to encourage standing as a healthy and highly comfortable alternative work posture.

The features and benefits for the Steelcase Kybun Footpad can be found below. If you have any questions or need any help deciding which ergonomic foot pad or foot rest is right for you, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Steelcase Kybun Footpad Features

  • The Steelcase Kybun Footpad encourages standing as a healthy and comfortable alternative work posture
  • Increases the amount of oxygen to the brain to enhance focus and alertness
  • Increases blood flow throughout the body to aid in the removal of toxins
  • Research has shown that standing while working helps prevent back pain and can help increase metabolism
  • Helps increase productivity and efficiency by promoting comfort and movement
  • Works well with or without shoes
  • Perfect fit for home, office, dorm or any number of work spaces where a little extra comfort would go a long way

Steelcase Kybun Footpad

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Steelcase Kybun Footpad

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